I Am Not The Hero [WIP - updated 5 Jan 2022]

Chapter 3!!! Lets go lets go lets go :kissing_closed_eyes:


I don’t know, seems more like a self-aware 4th-wall breaking protagonist than anything.


Just discovered this if because someone on the reddit talked about it and boy am i astonished. Its good, its really good, the humor the self deprecation the writing is great because its easy to read and accessible. I love seeing the world glitch and the stats screen!!! its just great. Im pretty hyped about this project so keep going and good luck! kudos~

Love the update, I dunno why but even tho the protagonist seem to clearly be able to deviate from the plot™ I have more fun being evil and genuinely want to kill the chosen one™ (but also the night Lord so I can become night Lord in his place)

Though if I had one suggestion it would be that when the protagonist get the crown of light before the heroes to have a choice to give it to Ifrin. As my MC would do that so even if they are defeated the chosen one™ doesn’t get it. It just seem like too much a risk for my MC to keep it with themselves and not immediately put it far away from the heroes.


heck yeah, same! wonder if we can play both the chosen one and night lord against each other and conquer everything like a real chessmaster? that’d make for an awesome secret ending


@MeadowMellow Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it :blush:

@Asterya1 Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree with your point about hiding the crown, I’ll be sure to add an option like that.

@snas I was not expecting so many people to want an evil MC. I’ll add more evil options going forward (and I’ll have a lot of fun doing it :smiling_imp:)


Lmao forgot how many times I’ve laughed and snickered playing this game. The metaness is just fcking awesome :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Also, noice writing! Keep it up :heart:

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