I am not tech savvy....if you are please read

i love writing and want to make a game…but i dont know how to write the code. one idea i have is to work with fae (for those who dont know: faeries/fairies). i dont have a full flegded plot…but basics. i also kind of want to do a fairy tale like one…princess and all. let me know if youre interested. i know my grammar and puncuation are not correct…probably spelling too, but i can fix that when writing the story. pleadse and thanks. email me at: lilyjones128@gmail.com if you have any specific questions

I haven’t used choicescript before but i do have expierence in programming, if you’d like me to help please pm me or send an email and we will see how we can work things out. nj.bakshi@live.com

Appreciate the generosity, but alas, Lilyjones last posted more than two years ago.