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:rainbow: **Welcome to the I Am Everyone [s]Camp[/s]Storyfire Thread!** :rainbow:

This thread is intended to be a nexus of stories exploring the concept of:

**An Individual As Many**

___ **TL;DR**: Just replace all basic personal pronouns with the "I" pronoun in the appropriate form. The pronoun "it" is reserved only for objects, not persons. Make a silly story, watch as the whole town goes mad. ___

What if only the "individual" existed? What if there was no concept of "you" or "we?"

Think Group Mind / Hive Mind here, people.
(Disclaimer: Not really a Group Mind / Hive Mind.)

Every living being in existence is actually just one entity across a vast spectrum of bodies.

The concept of the self being: “To you, self is you; to me, self is me.”

However, with everyone being the individual, and the individual being everyone, the concept of the self becomes: “To me, self is me; to me, self is me.”

***Head Explodes***

Okay, maybe I should explain that another way.

Think about the last dream you had; were there any people in it?
Let’s pretend that your friend appeared in a dream and had a conversation with you.

It’s simple to say that your friend, from real life, appeared in your dream but that isn’t quite the truth of it.

In reality, your unconscious mind was “speaking” to you; your “friend” was actually just you talking to yourself.

Despite you likely being unable to predict your friend’s dialogue or actions (as is the case in many dreams of this sort), the only person in your dream was you.

Y’know those crowds of people that sometime appear in your dreams?
Every single one of them is you.

**You Are Everyone in Your Dreams**

Or, so I’d like to believe.

Let’s play with this.

In this example, grammatically speaking, I am using:

**Third-Person Narrative Using First-Person Pronouns**

The contradicting nature of the narrative and the grammatical person seems fitting; the narrator is unspecified yet every character represents the narrator as an individual.


“Er, why are you blushing?” Packet asked.

“I am not blushing!” Purple exclaimed.

**What if Purple and Packet were actually an individual consciousness that acknowledged the concept of the individual as being absolute?**


“Er, why am I blushing?” Packet asked.

“I am not blushing!” Purple exclaimed.

**Chaos, Confusion, and Grammarians Having a Cow**

***Head Explodes***

:rainbow: **Let the Mayhem Begin!** :rainbow:

___ ___ ___

**Available Stories**

Faewkless’s Confusion by Faewkless

One Time Too Many by Packet

Myself by Sashira

Story Batch One by Packet

Visit with the Doctor by Doctor

How important is sexuality/gender? Can a story be compelling with a gender-neutral protagonist?

Faewkless didn’t know how I got here.
I doesn’t know how I will leave.
I doesn’t know why every-time I try to refer to me in the third person it switched to first person.
I just wished that I knew where in the faewk I was.
I look in front of me and see a dog babbling about being everyone while my head explodes over and over again.
“Wait. My?” I said as I shook my head in confusion.
As I wander away from the dog I try to figure out whats going on.
It seems like every-time I try to use any person other than first person it automatically switches.
But why was it happening?
And how?
And what will end this odd situation?
I wonder if it had anything to do with that odd dog that was making crazy talk.
As I continue walking I begin to notice something.
A glowing light that’s both warm and frightening.
As I walk closer I see a weapon and a single word comes to mind.
Suddenly it light shines even brighter blinding me and eventually I lose consciousness.
When I wake up I see a lone…Thing…sitting in the middle of the room.
“Excuse me where am I” I ask the thing.
"Hello"I say (“Wait…I don’t mean I is this still happening?” I think in my mind)
“I am system and this is the Choice of Games forum.”


End of part 1

(@Packet where do you come up with this stuff?)


this whole concept kind of reminds me of the book Anthem except in reverse


But surely if there was only one collective sense of self, this “self” would have only one name? Better yet, no name at all, since names would be largely purposeless and irrelevant. If all is one, then there’d be no need for differentiation? Having different names seems to subtly contradict this idea of oneness. If this thread, for arguments sake, was a hive mind and we were all to adopt grammar that doesn’t acknowledge individuality, you’d still be able to get at least some sense of the individual by the fact that this post was said by Left4Bed or that post by DragonWarrior etc. The idea is really only truly reinforced if all aspects of individuality no longer exist. That’s the way we see it, anyway.


While interesting, the premise doesn’t really work. If you are everyone, then there’s no need to talk, you already know what you’re going to say and you already know what the other you knows. So beyond reassurance and exploring your own thoughts that kind of communication is without a purpose.

And if one aspect of you is a smoker and another isn’t, then they’re not both you because that would suggest value dissonance. We’re starting to move towards something like multiple personality disorder. Granted that circumstances would change when you have another body, say if one body is male and another female for instance, but even so - with those changes comes also a change in personality. Just take hormones for instance, those can affect one’s mood drastically thus increasing the likelihood of taking different approaches to an action/opportunity. And if one’s actions differ; values are likely soon to follow as we tend to justify our actions. At some point these entities will diverge so much that they’re no longer the same person, even if they did have the same base. Twins may be another fascinating example of this since they come from the same… batch of possibillity, with a potential exception for souls.

A hivemind traditionally still recognize its different pieces as separate, what this is is just changing out the pronouns. You’re probably right though about we being everyone in dreams, the alternative seems highly unlikely after all. But then again dreams aren’t neccesarily reflective of what makes you you, it could just as well have been some bad cheese…

Not really sure why I’m responding to this as you seemed so excited and I’d be loathe to ruin that. I just have this tendency of exploring my own thoughts as I respond to others. And after all, this is just my opinion, or at least my attempt at formulating one as I explore my own narrative and craft a response. Plus it kills time.


What @MutonElite said.

Seriously though, there is probably an amazing story about hive species and hive social structures that hasn’t been made yet, I would suggest that maybe you look at it from another angle.

Take ants (the obvious example). Ants are born into specific roles in life that are dictated at birth, you’re either born a soldier or you aren’t, there’s no enlistment process for workers and queens to become soldiers because they’re not born to that role. Accordingly soldier ants possess physical (and presumably mental) characteristics that make them better suited to their role. To worker ants, soldiers would all look identical in their physical appearance and demeanour, and workers to soldiers vice versa.

What if you had a story about a human or human-like species that followed similar rules?

A Worker born into a specific role in life that makes them not just functionally but genetically identical to their fellow workers. Everyone they’ll ever meet will look exactly like them, will have the same opinions and come to the same conclusions when presented with a problem.

Problem is, when they get taken out of the hive and into the big wide world? They’re going to see things that will make them come back different. How would such a person even attempt to communicate ideas such as individuality or curiosity to his/her former comrades? How could they explain it to themselves? How could they come to terms with being forced into a new role in life? Falling in love with someone they’re not supposed to? Seeing something they were genetically designed never to see?

There’s your story.


i rather enjoy this take on it. d:

moving on.


Ever seen the movie Antz with Woody Allen?


I wouldn’t mind seeing a hive mind CoG… your character’s mind spontaneously morphs into one with someone else, taking on some of their traits. A sort of ‘create a mind web of select people, slowly try to connect with the whole earth population type deal’. Maybe your hivemind web of people could almost be like an underground empire, connect to the minds of strong people to make them security guards, connect to thieves to make them steal money, connect to powerful company heads to make them fund you. If the ‘you’ you dies, the Web collapses? That would be insanely fun.


I did, no way that movie was for kids, that’s for damn sure.

I happened to like it though, there are definitely a lot of similarities between that and what I wrote. I still think that would be a hell of a game.


I would love a bodysnatchers style ‘take over the world’ game. It would be awesome.


[quote=“faewkless, post:2, topic:11785”]
I just wished that I knew where in the faewk I was.
I look in front of me and see a dog babbling about being everyone while my head explodes over and over again.[/quote]

Faewk, that almost killed me!

Well done! :smile:

Yes, you get it!

I realized this when I tried using other pronouns such as “both” and "each other."
In the end, I also realized that I really didn’t care; the English language is my birthright, damnit!

I won’t deny myself any part of it beyond my own choosing!

Besides, names are fun.

Yes, you get it!

It’s sort of like talking to yourself; does it really have a purpose beyond exploring your own thoughts?

I don’t know, but I sure as hell can try to find out!

It doesn't have to make sense; that's the beauty of it.

@Faewkless gets it. :grin:


But, in all seriousness:

Yes, @Left4Bed, @MutonElite, @Moreau are correct.

This isn’t really so much a Hive Mind at all.
I’ve added a disclaimer in the original post!

“I” just trumps all other basic personal pronouns.

Replace all basic personal pronouns (except “it”) with “I,” see how ridiculous a story can become.
(“It” only refers to non-living objects.)
Adjust pronoun-verb agreement as needed.


“They are both silly.”


“I am both silly.”


“He is standing.”


“I am standing.”

I should have just used the: You Are Everyone in Your Dreams example.



I actually think it’s a pretty interesting idea. The point you make about how every conversation you have in your dreams is essentially you talking to yourself and all the characters therein are just you playing different roles is something I’ve never really thought of before; at least not in those explicit terms. A game like this could be really surreal and interesting, especially if it was all taking place within the context of a dream. All the characters you meet would just be different versions of yourself (or whoever’s mind the story takes place in), it’s kinda like a one wo/man show taken to the nth degree. The hero is you. The antagonist is you. All side characters are you. Any potential love interests are you. You could explore different parts of the dreamers psyche, have events play out through their memories with a really unreliable narrator. Every now and again the scene could change drastically as you move to a new dream setting, not to mention the underlying inevitability of the dreamer eventually waking up.


Given the nature of most people’s dreams (I include myself in that bracket) I think we all owe ourselves a heartfelt apology for the deeply insensitive and downright offensive things we’ve said and done to ourselves over the years.


You’re a genius! Brilliant!
I gotta quote this in the original post!

This explains the crazy idea floating around in my brain far better than I could do so myself!

I owe myself an apology for devouring myself in my dreams.

I gotta stop watching so many zombie flicks. :neutral_face:

This is getting quoted too! :heart:


Glad to help! So is this something you see yourself seriously pursuing, because I for one would love to see where this goes and how it might develop?

This sentence just sums up the incredible surreality for me. Reading it would be such a bizarre experience, you’d almost feel as if you the reader were in a dream as well. Your writing style is quite good as well, and had me invested once I got accustomed to language rules. If nothing else, it would be a unique experience.

Perhaps you need to sleep on it.


Making a game based on the idea?
Yes, I’ll probably need to sleep on it. :sleeping:

(I see what you did there.)


Hah, yeah. All the bears I’ve sicced on me… But there were some flying dreams as well thrown in there, so I forgive me.

Surreal is right though, if this was a movie it might be arthouse material, but for a textgame it seems like it would be hard to follow.


Ohhhhhhh! No you didn’t!

That gives me an idea for a skit… :smirk:

@faewkless , this one’s for you, brother!

Intermission Skit 1: One Time Too Many

Late One Evening

Faewks held a glass of sweet tea and rocked slowly in my chair.

I took a sip of the tea and continued to watch Packet; Packet was once again near the edge of the property, barking at the rather hungry-looking bears.

Muton opened the screen door and stepped unto the porch.

“I dun told that dog not to do that,” Faewks said to Muton. “One of these days, that dog is gonna piss off the wrong bear.”

Muton reached into my pockets and retrieved a stick of gum; I unwrapped the gum and popped it into my mouth.

“‘Naw, ain’t nothin’ like that gonna happen,” Muton said. “Those bears are about as docile as a bear could be.”

“Which,” Faewks said. “Ain’t very docile.”

“Eh,” Muton said. “It dun matter. Ain’t ever really stepped foot on my land. Besides, all it takes is a good warnin’ shot from one of them there boomsticks and those bears’ll clear right on out.”

Packet continued to bark at the bears, fearlessly standing mere feet from the gathering of grizzlies.

“Ain’t it sorta creepy, though?” Faewks said. “The way I gather 'round and just sit there like that? Heck, I don’t think I ever seen that many bears grouped together, me?”

“'Naw,” Muton said.

“'Bout how many of me are there?” Faewks asked.

“I’m countin’ about seven or eight…” Muton said.

“Gee,” Faewks said. “Ain’t no reason for me to be here. What makes me sit out there all day like that?”

Muton scratched my head.

“I iunno,” I said. “I dun think I got a vendetta against the doggie, do I?”

“'Naw,” Faewks said. “I dun said it myself, those bears ain’t much in the way of troublemakers. I’d even say I’s a bit of a scaredy cat.”

Muton yawned and stretched.

“Anyway, I’m headin’ in for bed” I said. “Dun forget to let the doggie in this time, 'kay?”

“Awwww,” Faewks said. “That was one time. Ain’t nuthin’ come of it.”

“Good,” Muton said as I entered the cabin. “I wanna make sure it stays that way.”

Faewks grumbled to myself as the door closed.

Packet laughed maniacally as I continued to bark at the grizzlies.

I didn’t seem to notice that one of the bear’s eyes momentarily glowed red.

Packet bared my teeth and snarled at the bears, daring me to enter my domain.

No bear took the challenge.

Satisfied, I began to strut back to the cabin. Those bears had nothin’ on me.

About halfway back to the house, Packet froze.

I thought I had seen Faewks on the porch just moments ago, but I was nowhere to be seen.

Even worse, the screen door was closed, and the front door was shut.

“Muthaf**ka!” Packet squawked in horror. “Gawddamnit, Faewks!”

Packet heard a rustlin’ noise behind me; I turned my neck to see.

The bears had followed me into the yard.

“Not this sh** again!” Packet yelped as I bolted to the front door; the bears were hot on my heels.

I reached the porch and began to furiously scratch the screen door and hysterically yap.


No answer.


Still nothing.

I looked behind me; the bears were getting closer.

“I’m gonna eat me!” Packet screamed as I bounded off the porch and began to run around the house.

The bears and I completed a few laps circlin’ the cabin.

Packet looked behind me as I ran.

“Oh, c’mon friends!” I screamed to the bears. “If I leave me alone, I’ll have a big juicy steak waitin’ for me in the mornin!’”

One of the bears roared; I ran faster.

“Stupid, useless humans!” Packet shouted aloud. “How in the hell do I sleep through a sixteen-thousand pound stampede!”

Packet began to put some distance between me and the bears; I took the opportunity to bark at Faewks’s window.

Faewks was fast asleep in my bed.

“Hey, big dummy!” I screamed madly. “I pulled this sh** again! What did Muton tell me about-”

Packet paused as I saw my squeaky toy in Faewks’s mouth.

“Daphuck!” I barked. “So I’m the one who stole my chew toy! Wait 'til I get my paws on me!”

Packet then noticed that the bears were catching up.

I leapt off the ledge and ran around the house a few more times.

I then went to Bed’s window.

“Bed!” Packet cried. “Wake up! Wake the f**k up!”

But, it was no use. Bed never left bed; Packet cursed myself for forgetting that principle.

I abandoned Bed’s window and began to sprint again.

I gotta get to Muton’s window, Packet thought, but quickly stopped dead in my tracks.

One of the bears had wised up and had run around the house - in the other direction.

“Gawddamn flankers,” Packet mumbled as the bears began to circle me.

I looked left, and then looked right - that’s when I saw an open window!

“So long, suckers!” I yipped as I doved for sweet freedom.

I smacked headfirst against the closed window.

Packet wobbled, dazed and confused.

“I hate me, Windex,” I mumbled.

The bears began to slowly close in.

Welp, ain’t no gettin’ out of this situation.

With nothing left to lose, Packet screamed one final defiance at the grizzlies:


Then, nothing but sounds of howling, crunching, and bears choking on doggie bones.

The Next Morning

Faewks yawned as I spat out the squeaky toy.

I stretched, got out of bed, put on my housecoat and headed out to fetch the newspaper.

Faewks stepped out unto the porch and froze.

"Gawddamnit, forgot to let the dog in again," I said as I noticed the doggie leg.