I am back! here here!




damn didn’t mean to start a rage, guess shouldn’t have included shit in there (just a old habit), i just meant that they are way too focused, it’s not the same as before, not many off-topic fun discussions left. Seems like you guys still hate me as much, ehh i was a dick back then, so yeah sorry for that and bye


I was actually agreeing with what you said. The point of these forums are to have productive discussions, not ones like this.


yeah i guess, i really don’t need to make any more threads full of drama so i’d just stop here, so yeah @Talon5505 WB and i’d best just log off for today before i embarrass myself anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


.> I was joking. But uh… Yea… I’m hilarious.


@Talon5505 welcome back *extends hand to shake*


*Shakes hand, several bones are heard shattering* Rape. That little children, was rape.


Take me to the… Hospital *passes out from pain*


Huh…I dont think ive seen this “Talon” before…(probably because im so new here) but Welcome back!

*waits and watches for the hilarity* …


Yeah, so this thread is going nowhere good or productive - so, welcome back and all - but I’m going to close it now, before it gets out of hand.