Hurricane Harvey and Other Areas that Need Help


Im not sure if Im allowed to make a thread like this, and sorry if Im not, but I just thought I would make a thread to let people know about Hurricane Harvey, and its devestation to Houston. Im not going to link a place to donate money here, becuase I dont want to accidentally link a scam website, but I highly encourage everyone to look into it. I undertstand if you cant or dont want to, I just wanted to make a post for people who might not know about it, and want to donate now that they do.

I also wanted to add another link, for people in other countries who need help. Thanks to @Goshman for telling me about the International Committee of the Red Cross. I encourage everyone to look into this as well, since there are other countries in need.


When in doubt about who to link to regarding donations, the Red Cross is a major organization dedicated to being there when people need them most. They could always use more resources, especially dedicated disaster relief ones during something such as Harvey.

The American Red Cross currently has an ongoing funds drive for Hurricane Harvey relief, but you should go check the International Red Cross as well, because people are in need even when it doesn’t hit close to home and/or when it isn’t a natural disaster.


There’s been a lot of articles recently about how the low-permeable soil, lack of parks and impermeable concrete sprawl exacerbated the damage from the flood. Further to that I was reading an interesting piece from a year ago about subsidence in Houston: the city has been steadily sinking due to groundwater from the aquifer being pumped up for home and commercial use. This has consistently misaligned the city’s drainage system as well as creating sunken bowls for water to pool in.

I wonder if we’ll see Netherlands-style flood mitigation as a part of the rebuilding effort.


True but with any charitable donations always try to make sure where your money is going to actually end up. You can’t really go wrong with the major organizations, but exactly because they’re major organizations they can be slower and more bureaucratic then some of the alternatives, but the alternatives require very careful research to make sure they are what they claim to be.

Don’t kid yourself with that overwhelming amount of rain even Amsterdam would flood an sustain major damage. All our flood mitigation does is such overwhelming cases is drain it a bit faster. No city, nor even Amsterdam and Rotterdam are designed to be able to handle the yearly downpour in a single day.
Most of it is common sense, however all of it is expensive and limits space for building. Part of the reason why our housing stock is as good as depleted and prices are through the roof is because of those spaces designated for flooding.


Just to be clear: The American Red Cross is on site and helping on the front lines right now in all affected areas (not just Houston) but the donations you make may not go towards the explicit area you think it is. They are trying to address this concern (last I read) but it is still not guaranteed to go to Houston or wherever.


Yeah what @Eiwynn saying is true tgeres been many cases from back dating the tsunami that happen in New Orleans that when people donated to American Red Cross, Red Cross wasn’t giving money to the areas that people thought they were donating to, which is why many people have been donating to smaller charties, but research is the best because many heartless people take advantage of people who wanna help and people in need, so research is a must when donating because those people that have been attack by Harvey are in serious need, so it’s wonderful if the money or supplies get to them, so both ends are not gettting screwed over. My :heartpulse: goes out to them, i couldnt imagine that happening to where i live, those people are very strong and at time like this charities and people cooperating to help people and animals in serious need is amazing, when done well. Hope things get better for the people that got strike by Harvey, really brakes my heart to see and hear whats happening to them.


I used to live in Houston but now live about an hour away. The part of the city I lived in, the westside, Harris County, the energy corder/memorial secter, was not flood as it’s more on a hill and it never gets flooded as bad as everywhere else. Downtown, the east side and north east side ALWAYS got flooded when there was some kinda storm. I herd from a friend in Houston that our old high school got turned into a shelter. It would be a year ago this month when I moved.
Honestly, I’m glad.


Thanks, I wasnt really sure what to link, because it mitght be a scam, but Ill link the American Red Cross for now.
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