Hurricane Florence


Please be prepared.


From Charleston SC here.

Trying our best to steer clear of it. Wishing everyone else the best. <3


Phew, yeah I heard about it. I just moved to Ohio 3 weeks ago, so hopefully my parents in VA do okay.

Stay Safe our SC friends.


Waiting in Florence SC for Florence the hurricane makes it easy to remember the name


When you don’t evacuate


Floridian here surprised a hurricane isn’t coming at us for once.


That just means you failed at your job


The animals are being devestated by Florence, too. </3


Jesus. Speaking as a member of the United Kingdom whose nation freaks out at more than an itch of snow in the winter, my heart is out to anyone affected. I was in Ireland last year when Hurricane Ophelia hit the southwest and that was not pleasant, though we were no where near the worst of it.


Yes :frowning:
Also, there are other dangers:


Regulators monitoring hog, poultry farms

North Carolina state regulators and environmental groups are monitoring the threat from hog and poultry farms in low-lying, flood-prone areas. These industrial-scale farms typically feature vast pits of animal feces and urine that can pose a significant pollution threat if they are breached or inundated by floodwaters.

In past hurricanes, flooding at dozens of farms also left hundreds of thousands of dead hogs, chickens and other decomposing livestock bobbing in the floodwaters.





It’s probably a good idea to spoiler tag images with graphic content. I’ve done that above.