Hurricane Arthur

Hey everybody. Im sure you guys over here on the east coast and down south (and everywhere else) have been hearing about the hurricane. I live in NYC and it’s very dark and windy over here. Just yesterday a few areas around me was flooded from the rain. My question to everybody else is: how is Arthur currently affecting you? Are your holiday plans ruined? What’s the weather like?
(Obviously I’m stuck in the house and with nothing to do…) :wink:

Apart from my phone going off every few minutes to tell me my basement is probably going to flood, not too bad actually.

The clouds were arranged oddly but nothing too much, really.

I live on the east coast of the US but I’m on vacation in California at the moment, so I’m just enjoying the sunshine while all my friends are getting rained on :wink:

Just my luck…at OBX on vacation. Going to hit us around 2 tonight, so far no rain.

@MultipleChoice OBX??

I hope people have bought sandbags for your doors. Small-scale flooding is something to be expected if you don’t live in a raised house or apartment building.