Hunters: Born of Blood (WIP) (Update 20/10/23)

Any poly? Also, (and I haven’t played the demo yet) I feel like maybe there should be a pet option in-game. Because everytime I keep seeing this title, I keep thinking that it’s gonna have combat pets that you can take with you to hunt.

@Officer_Gallows Thank you that really means a lot!! Thanks so much for playing :blush:

@Zarkrai I’ve not really thought too much about any poly relationships at this point, I’m not sure it’ll fit any of the ROs if I’m honest - I’ll see how it develops but for now I’m going to say it’s unlikely. And as cool as having an animal sidekick might be I’m afraid I don’t think that’s something I’m going to include.

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This took a bit longer than I’d hoped but the demo has now been updated with the first chapter! The total word count is now about 35k with an average 15500 per play through. Would love to get peoples thoughts and feedback on anything :slight_smile:

Chapter One covers the immediate aftermath of the prologue, then after this will be some more time skips.

Thanks for your time!


Personally, I enjoyed the story Personally i’m playing the edgy Revenge side of the story right now.

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Ok, I really like it so far! We just met Alex, and I already love him :joy:

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Love this.

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I will kill as much as my traumatized character needs to keep Alex safe.

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Will Alex become MC’s best friend or can we treat him only as… uh, hm… companion? Or something like that. I don’t like being forced to be friends.



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ah shit, am I dead or is the game finished?

Thank you! I’m honestly going to have so much fun writing a MC out for revenge

@Anna_B Thanks so much! I’m glad you like him :laughing:
@FleurJane @Carloshmc2812 Thank you for playing! :blush:

Ahaha he might be slightly affronted at the thought of needing to be kept safe (but also maybe secretly pleased)

Don’t worry you won’t be forced to be friends, just partners for the time being, but you can choose the kind of partnership you have in the next chapter

Took me a minute to realise what you meant but I think it must just be the end of the demo that you reached - not dead just dreaming :smile: though looking at it now I can see where it might be confusing


This was fun! I felt I could play as the character I wanted to, for the most part.

I’m rather curious about your plans for the game’s story and structure.

  • What age will we mostly be playing as?
  • There are currently a lot of stats on the stat page. How will personality stats affect gameplay? I’m a bit concerned, since, with what we have right now, I want to develop/change my character quite a bit as they grow into themself. They first few scenes are also unusual scenes/moments which do not necessarily reflect on the actual personality they display for most of the time.
  • And what about skill stats? Changes seem to be incremental for the most part. Will this continue or will there be larger jumps at some point?

I guess what I overall want to know is how much these early scenes lock a character’s stats in or if there is enough flexibility to become a very different character later.

ALSO, is your plan to wait with romance information after the characters appeared in the story? Always excited about that :smile:

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Thank you for playing I’m really glad you liked it!

The main bulk of the plot the MC will be in their early to mid twenties, I’m just concerned to do one large time jump atm so the next chapter will cover several smaller ones with important character growth moments

Personality is really just there to see how your character tends to react to things, also so that I can add little reactions/dialogue which are more for flavour than anything else at this point - I also might add options later on that will only be available depending on your personality (e.g. as an alternative to a skill check) but honestly I don’t want people to worry too much about the stats and just play how they like :slight_smile:

Sorry do you mind clarifying? :sweat_smile: Do you mean the choices aren’t reflecting what stat then gets raised?

Yep the main skill raises start happening at the beginning of Chapter 3 after you actually start training

Personality definitely isn’t locked! Feel free to choose whatever you feel your character would do in the moment, personally I’m not always a fan of having to choose the same personality response to everything - the important personality choices that will be remembered are things like how you react to your parents murder initially in the office, and your motives for certain actions. But you’ll definitely be able to change the MC’s feelings and motives over time :slight_smile:

That hadn’t been the plan but I like it!


Great start for a story. Can’t wait for more.
One request tho, could you add indicators to choices, as in something like “++ Apathy”, “-Compassion”. Just a personal preference of mine.

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That all sounds FANTASTIC. Sounds like you have it well handled. Very excited to read more.


I haven’t played this yet but I got a question. Does the author plans on adding any combat pets or something? Cause everytime I see the “Hunter” in this title, I keep thinking “Oh, this one probably has a hunting pet selection” only to keep being reminded that it probably doesn’t.

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Thank you so much! I’m not sure about adding indicators, I guess it’s something that some people like and some people don’t - I could perhaps add it as an option to toggle at the start if people want, though not too sure how complicated something like that is to code.

No plans for any combat pets I’m afraid!

@rozane Thanks so much for your kind words! :blush:


I’m most excited for this WIP even if it’s still relatively new and the demo isn’t very long yet. :heart:

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