Hunter SKY (WIP) - Seeking Feedback

can I get the “???” skill or not? and if we can, how?

We can’t, we only unlock the second last power, probably we will get the ??? Skill during saving Rukia arc… My mistake saving Lea arc.


Here some typing errors :

if you can (author) search for words, there an another error like this ‘‘strstr’’ i think it was “start” (didn’t take note at that time).

Abigail hostpital bed :

-I drank up all the water and ate all the food we had and you fainted because you had noxdthing to eat

Charles the pirate in the snow village :

  • he lend u gold but text in bold say " item remove from inventory ". That odd


Thank you for the lenghty demo. Like any other that like storys, moore, MOore !!