Hunter SKY (WIP) - Seeking Feedback

Hey after I select the last Carnival option there seems to be an error. Is this the end of demo or is something wrong on my end. Although the game was great i just have a simple complain. Before going to the carnival a random bandit attacks us. Its just so out of random and our mc non-existence response after dealing with it is so bizarre. Like its never mentioned again. Besides this a very good game.

It’s a pretty good game so far, I like the story. A bunch if minor spelling mistakes and such. Are we supposed to lose the duel 100% of the time?

Hey author give me a detail explanation of the power set or skill set used in this game and also can i get multiple skill & power if yes how explain also how can I make my mc OverPower do explain.

Also give a detail explanation about what is RIN energy and how can mc get it and after getting it how can mc charge RIN energy to use and also do give the answer of the questions asked to get best skills like :-
??? ?=???
GRADE-A Black Box
GRADE-B Burning Eyes
GRADE-C Tranquil Teleportation
GRADE-D Speed ruff o/r Speed buff—(kinda forget it actually)
Also what exactly is this first skill (??? ?=???) ,it seems to me that MC will able to gain this(??? ?=???) Skill only by answering right answers and not only this skill but also Grade-A skill, Grade-B skill, Grade-C skill and Grade-D skill hence , do answer all questions to gain best possible skills and also this mysterious skill (??? ?=???).

EDIT NOTE:- I kinda forgotten how to write spoilers hidden contents so everyone do me a favor by not flagging this post and also remind me how to write spoilers hidden contents.


shouldn’t the energy naturally cap?

remove the / from the first spoiler, it’s supposed to be spoiler and /spoiler with the brackets of course

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Click that



How do i find setting option :gear: give a detail explanation.

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@Fusion_Ultimatum The game is awesome. Continue the good work.
Can you add a cheat mode? It would make it more enjoyable.

I’m confused. Is the link in the main post out of date or something? I’m seeing a lot of issues that others have already reported back in 2023 still in the current demo. Incorrect genders on the F!MC being one of the major ones.

I would also love to see a muscular body type for F!MCs as well, since yeah, why not? Granted I’m not necessarily talking about a big and broad muscular body type (even if women like that do exist) but just a well defined muscular body type. If we’ve done a lot of hard physical work, then yeah a lot of young girls would still become muscular as a result of that.



If you’re using mobile or something, then I’m not confident how that looks. But the gear is right in the reply box on desktop browser.

Can anyone tell me how to get out from the hole when we do Sir Caldwell test?

I just spammed using the sword to climb and it worked lmao

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I won’t surgarcoat it, this game can use some work, but it has the potential to be an amazing game

phew! thank goodness there are no spoiles in your message. I was worried because I’m playing the for the first time.

Honestly it feels like it’s meant to be only Male MC and the female MC option is just… there. And by ‘Anime’ logic muscular women, even though they exist, are generally not taken seriously or are killed off for the plot. And secondly if there is no same gender romance, why is the female MC forced to share a room with Jirel and not Lea who is only other female student? It doesn’t make any sense, because the setting of this world is medieval and they are the opposite of progressive.

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Author and co author already told me they will be fixing those. Especially when I had to note my armband was on my assets. The same guy that hesitates with Lea. Needed fixing.

The roommate thing will get changed. A woman leading the place that doesnt seem to like hanky panky, will get split so room with Lea or alone? Its easier to fix by moving the prick to a different room. He hangs outside anyway.

Yes it was at first, man only MC, added women later. Some misgendered will continue, its military schooling which military always belittles each gender anyway during training. To build certain aggressiveness and competition usually. Men and women in military do get that on purpose, as a group only.

Mosgendering I call out are the individual moments when trainers dont do that.

Well, Lea definitely gets treated very differently though.


Yep. I do agree there. The author said he would change some but not all and the reason they say in game on times they misgendered.

wait where does the demo end though. I thought it ended during the village festival

Hey dear author please give our MC a good body description like:-
(1). Hair colour:- raven black, grey, etc.

(2). Hair texture:- straight, curly, spiked, etc.

(3). Body type:- muscular, athletic, lean, robust-muscular (broad shoulder, sharp collar bone & 8-abs pack), athletic-muscular (medium shoulder, sharp collar bone & 6-abs pack), etc.

(4). Height:- very short(=< 5.11), short(=<6.1), average(=6.0 - 6.1), tall(>=7.8), very tall(>8.2), giant(>=9.6).

(5). Eye colour:- black, grey, gold, green, blue, etc.

(6). Facial hair:- none, clean shaven, moustache, trimmed beard, etc.

(7). Skin colour:- pale, porcelain, white, fair, brown, olive, deep brown, black, deep black, etc.

(8). Lip colour:- pink, deep pink, red, moisturise red, brown, etc.

(9). Lip type:- thin lips, thick lips, full lips, etc.

(10). Face structure:- sharp jaw-line chiseled face, square face, smooth jaw-line face, oval face, angular face, etc.

(11). Nose type:- straight nose, thick nose, angular nose, broad nose, etc.

NOTE:- I’m giving these body description suggestion because you have given really wrong body description (long and lanky, average, short and stoick body type). Due to your wrong body description our MC always called ugly by kelly and also many other agree with such description of our MC although they don’t say it to our MC. Whenever our MC go to anywhere like when our MC searching for master go to knight or whenever our MC try to interact with noble womens or lady then our MC has to face ugliness of his body because due to his lanky petite body frame and ugly body description nobles immediately understand that our MC is peasant or worse street urchin even if our MC is wearing knight academy squire uniform and this nobles scowl towards our MC, on the other hand whenever our MC during conversation with his teammates or classmate or his friends or other people ask about that Jerile or whatever that mercenary captain son name is , many of our MC classmates and teammates too have accepted that Jerile is really handsome looking with his blonde hair, blue eye and pale skin although cold in nature and thus they often feared that this Jeril might make every beautiful lass fall in love with him which will eventually leave other people with no beautiful lass to date or fall in love with and also other people outside knight academy have accepted and called this Jeril handsome comparing Jerile beauty with his father.
Thus I’m fed up by making our MC being constantly reminding of his ugliness not only by his teammates or classmates or friends but with other people too. I mean Jerile due to his handsomeness never got reminded by any people that he is a commoner or peasant because everyone thinks that he might be from noble background. All of this insults and injustice towards our MC infuriate me because not only you have made that Jeril handsome but also much more stronger than our MC like you are reminding and insulting continuously not only our MC but us readers to like hey you(our MC and US readers) are pathetic street urchin and thus shouldn’t dream big and should know your place and also limit & capabilities hence you should live like a pathetic worm you are.

At knight selection our MC got defeated but all right it’s just knight academy selection duel but during last knight academy selection exam in forest again oir got his ass kicked but it become much worse when that Jerile is the one who not just help our MC gain extra ribbon to pass exam easily but also save our MC ass from being kicked by big boys and it not just end there but that Jerile is only slightly much more stronger but even then he was able to easily destroy big boys who were not just superior in strength but also in number and it became even worse when Jerile leave every ribbon for MC saying that MC is pathetic so MC need those ribbon more than him that he will pass exam on his own merit and capabilities and he did pass the exam on his own capabilities.
During carnival fare at archery competition again Jerile thoroughly defeated our MC by first scoring 50 points a on the same target center by throwing 5 knives continuously bullseye and in process knocking down our MC knife from its previous bullseye center position and then at last he again hit bullseye scoring total 60 points whereas our MC missed thus score only 55 points.

What is your point like you are constantly taunting and reminding our MC (and also us readers) to know his status , capabilities and place thus our MC shouldn’t even try or think about becoming better or even defeating Jerile.
So , I’m saying it again that give our MC a good body description(for which I’ve already given some suggestion if you need more help then look for ‘‘The Thousand Of Us’’ COG WIP on for good body description) and make our MC to hansome so that even our MC classmates, friends, teammates and other people too consider our MC handsome enough to steal beautiful womens or girls hearts in comparison to that Jerile and also whenever our MC meet or interact with noble , nobles shouldn’t be able to guess that our MC is a commoner or peasant or street urchin due to our MC being handsome. Also give our MC atleast that much physical capabilities that our MC should be able to protect himself from big boys bullies and also be able to defeat those big boys bullies all by himself not easily as Jerile though because our MC never learn to fight much before getting accepted in knight academy unlike Jerile who due to losing his family trained tirelessly here and there to make himself strong but still be able to defeat those big bullies and defend himself instead of getting other people or worse Jerile help in defending and defeating those bullies.

Also tell me who are the strongest available master for our MC because I’m kinda confuse between that sadistic knight commander and Sir Gald etc, etc so do tell me or if possible give a detail info about all of the master quality those who can mentorship our MC so I’d be able to choose strongest possible master for our MC.

Also If possible could you give us a cheat menu in which our MC can be able to use all kind of powers or elements and also all kind of powers or elements available to him like shougene eye or visual scroll, fire scroll, water scroll, air scroll, limit breaker scroll etc at a same time like when our MC is using Shougene eye then he can also able to use lit breaker scroll and fire scroll and air scroll, darkness scroll, etc.

Please answer my previous post because it is kind of important for me to be able to completely understand your game and game power or elements mechanic being used in your game so that I’ll be able to make full use of every possible given option for our MC.

Also what I’ve recommend is my suggestion not force order or aggressive demand so think about my suggestion because by giving good description to our MC you will make your game more interacting and interesting because many people tend to not appreciate good story if the MC description and body description is lacking or bad.