How's everything going for everyone with CScomp?


Not actually asking anyone for details about their stories- just how well progress is going so far. Anyone near finished yet? I’m at over 12k lines of script (but a lot of repeating scripts, probably a good full half at least), and I have… about six or so sections of ‘stuff’ left to write, plus a big huge edit. I figure I’ll get done, but without a lot of time to spare. How about everyone else?

Lordirish presents the 3rd Annual CScomp (Closed)

My idea is small but I’ve not had a chance to execute it. I don’t rule out a furious three day writing session but …



…I’m so not making it.


@SwanMaiden chuckles Ah, buck up. Sure ya can. Just need a few extra gallons of coffee. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There a reason you’re not using the cs comp thread to ask this? Generally all cs comp discussion happens there it keeps everything in one place.


Not particularly. Didn’t really think about it, to be honest.


Ok, feel free to ask over there then instead.

And good luvk everyone with your entries.

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