How would you prefer to die? And how do you think you would actually die?


How would you prefer to die? On the bed of rose petals, surrounding by relatives, or get eaten alligator? Then a more bleak thought of how you think you would actually die?

Just some question to get some reflection on mortality stuff, which can be helpful to some style of writing or certain story line.


I’d probably like to die by saving the world, but killing me and the villain in the process. Classic superhero stuff, but it allows for a lot of leeway inbetween to make it as effective as possible.

And being totally serious, I’ll probably die a few seconds after saying “Whoops” or “Shit”.


In my sleep.

Either by co-codemol overdose or bleeding out from being stabbed by a cis person.


I don’t know whether this topic is related to the “die” part of the game or is just a contemplation to the life itself, but anyway…

This! Totally this!
Although, I can’t really decide how would I die. However, I think most ppl agree if we would want to die without carrying over any single burden or leaving unfinished matter.

And for me personally, I’d find a way to “immortalize” my name like…
You know, finding a breaking-through technologies, creating an art-of-the-kind, or anything.


Either peacefully in my sleep, or in some kind of heroic act where I save somebody else’s life or something.

How do I think I’ll actually die? … Well I’ll probably get extremely old, watch a whole bunch of my loved ones die before me, stick around about 20 years after my husband dies, get all kinds of aches and pains in every part of my body until I can’t even get out of bed in the morning without help, go completely senile and forget who all my kids are, get thrown in a nursing home and have my life extended for as long as possible by a bunch of nurses and care-workers who resent me for being such a grumpy old hag, then finally die of some horrible disease or organ failure, screaming in pain and agony… Sounds fun! :blush:


Preferably: near instantly, in my sleep, or after Stopping a person from doing something very bad.

actually die: In a hospital succumbing to some illness, getting shot, Or in my sleep.


I’d like to die like my great-grandfather. He was visiting his grand-daughter in the hospital who had just given birth (not to me). She was asleep, the baby was asleep my great-grandpa nodded off beside them in a chair and…stopped.

As for how I will die. Cancer I’ve been sure of it since I was ten, and I live in fear of it every day.


Okay, people. This thread makes me really sad :cry:


Best case scenario: I won’t die. I’ll discover immortality.

Second best scenario: sacrificing myself to protect my loved ones, and taking the bad guys with me in an epic battle.

Likely reality: cancer or Alzheimer’s.


How I want to die: either while in a war, fighting for my country or peacefully surrounded by family members.
How I will likely die: bitter and alone


How I want to go: Quick and painless, preferably BEFORE my loved ones kick the bucket and I’m left alone.

How I’m probably going: No idea… probably an accident, illness or in my sleep. Can’t really imagine myself getting killed though… I tend to get along with most people.


Hopefully never not too soon.

Probably stabbed by some asshole because I couldn’t shut my mouth in the wrong moment. Or banally falling down the stairs. That stupid things nearly broke a few of my rips already. I’m half-sure they are gunning for me :unamused:


I would prefer not to die, actually. Some weird mystical demons swings by and offer me immortality for a price? I am taking that deal so fast its head would spin. (I would have plenty of time to worry about the catch afterwards)

I fear to just silently fall asleep. I know this must sound weird, but my greatest fear is falling asleep and never waking up again.

Ruling out accident (because you can never guess those.) I will likely get cancer or dementia. The latter runs in my family :disappointed:


Personally, I’d hope to be able to peacefully die in my sleep. However, I think I’d more likely die from complications due to being overweight and other things.

Also, this relates to this though not completely so: I have thought of how I would like my funeral arrangements to be done. I’d have last rites done, then I would have a funeral mass, and then I would want to be buried on the ground in a cemetery with a tombstone. However, I would not want flowers to be laid at my grave, since those flowers would inevitably wilt and I wouldn’t be able to see them.

I dislike the idea of cremation because I don’t like the idea of getting burned but also because of my religious views. I’d like to keep my body whole so that if there is a final judgment, that I could be judged by God.


I’d like to die in a coma, I guess. I mean, if coma is like a long and deep dream, then I hope to die dreaming and stay in a good fantasy world forever.

But I’m pretty sure I’ll die due to some illness, I get sick a lot.
Or I’ll be murdered since I’m transgender and live in Brazil. Meh.


#murderedbycispeopleSQUAD :point_up::point_up::point_up::ok_hand::ok_hand::eyes::eyes::eyes::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Preferably, shortly after I say: “Ha! There’s no way I’ll die from this.”

Realistically: get mauled by a lion/bear or bitten/stung by a venomous animal, like Steve Irwin


Like most people, I would like to die quickly and painlessly in my sleep.
Unlike most people, I hope to die relatively young. For example in my fifties.

As for the second question…According to my mom, my astral map/natal chart says I will die suddenly (aka not from a long illness etc.). Not so sure about the painless part tho.


I too would like to die in my sleep.

I think I’ll either die from the outbreak of a war(not sure how likely this one is, but I find it hard to believe Britain will continue to be peaceful for the next 50-60 years) or when I’m older and all alone commit suicide or die from an addiction. I’m happy enough now, but when I’m 60 or what not and all my aunts, uncles and parents are dead I don’t think I’d cope :’( . I’d want to be buried too, for religious reasons too, though preferably above ground :stuck_out_tongue: . Though especially with my being quite detached I find myself now and again questioning how real reality as I perceive it is anyway. As in whether I am alive and not just in a simulation, a dream, a coma, died already etc.


How I want to die? Definitly in an explosion. Nothing says “F*** YOU WORLD, I’M OUTTA HERE” better than a enormous explosion.

How ill most likely die? Probably due to being killed by somebody for making political incorrect jokes.

EDIT: (I wish to apologize for my former comment, which was rather offensive against sjw´s)