How we learn/research habits


We all learn differently, to me it’s fascinating as my own curiosity has led me to learn everything I know. Though very little of it came from formal education.

Heck this thread is me trying to learn something… about my fellow forum folks. (I’m restless and feeling bleh so a little social curiosity is a good distraction)

Me I learn on impulse, something catches my attention and won’t let go. As a kid it was animals and leafing through mom and dad’s encyclopedias to learn more about these awesome creatures. I still have a hard cover copy of North American wildlife.

Oddly enough I never had an interest in “fiction” it was always scientific. I’ve even picked up and read through a bible to pass the time. (During a hospital stay when the rents didn’t bring me a book) hospitals and my own various conditions inspired curiosity in biology.

Needless to say I learned a lot from odd places and from watching people. Not all good lessons to learn.

So continuing on my research runs the same impulse curiosity theme, I’ll write until I comecacross something I don’t know and dive into it as opposed to researching before I come across it. Not the most efficiently wonderful way but it works for me.

How about the rest of you?


As I’ve gotten older I’ve actually become more methodical and through when it comes to learning, particularly with my own health and habits.

Besides that, curiosity, curiosity, curiosity. I’m very heavily self educated.


This a very short but interesting article apparently written by Alison Gopnik, co-author of ‘‘The Scientist in the Crib’’ and professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley:


Curiosity is the biggest driving power for me ( unusual things sometimes ) - social psychology , body language , etc all from curiosity well I’m still very young so this is common in my age group but sometimes it’s just hunger for knowledge then I can read anything related to science. ( usually about human behaviour ) . Read about body language and then get to know that you are doing all that unknowingly for years ( it’s fascinating ).


Curiosity, really. I was a really mouthy kid back when, always asking questions about anything under the sun. When adults cannot answer/were tired of hearing me, they redirected me to books (and later on, the internet) hence my love of reading when I grew up. By the age 4, I was a walking and talking nature encyclopedia.

I thank the internet for already being commonplace as I was growing up. When I was old enough to be left alone with the computer, Wikipedia was my best friend. Even before I was a Troper I remember the browser being full of tabs ranging from the French Revolution to Schrodinger’s Cat. I didn’t really understand most of them, especially the higher science ones, but they were still good reads.

I learned a lot from my environment, too. It’s not the best teacher I guess, but street smarts is just as important as book smarts.


As a person I’ve always been cautious and cynical, this shows the most when I am in a place of worship that has a congregation leader. I do not trust clerics, poets or scientists at first glance, my cautious nature has taught me that I must form my own thoughts and beliefs as fiction is fact to some and fact is fiction to others. Suffice to say I learned through distrust and paranoia, but it has taught that I must think for myself and remain vigilante against lies.


Very interesting thread. Well, it’s curiosity, while I’m bad at learning something that I’m not really interested in. I can dive into things that are interesting to me, but havea very hard time to focus on other stuff. That’s why I wasn’t good at school and why I still underperform.


Interesting thread to read!