How to use input_text to input a name

I need help to know how to make the player put his name, what command should I use and how? I am new at this

*input_text mc_name

*input_text is the command and then be sure to include the mc’s name variable.


Please start by looking at the resources provided here: Master List: Links for Beginners

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“line 39 of startup: non existent variable mc_name”

That variable should be namemc

This means it’s looking for a variable named ‘mc_name’ in your startup.txt file. Make sure you have one like this: *create mc_name ""


ok that worked thanks, now I can put the name but now I get this error

line 9 of startup: non existen variable “name”

You’re trying to use a variable that doesn’t exist. I’m assuming you’re doing something like ${name}? Since your player’s name was stored in mc_name, you have to use ${mc_name} instead.

Sidenote: if you added the actual code from your startup.txt it’d be easier for us to spot the error.

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Thank you very much bro I owe you one, I’m still learning how to use all this.

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I highly recommend you download and use CSIDE, if possible (needs a computer, not a phone/tablet).

CSIDE has a wonderful built-in tutorial that will walk you through literally every aspect of coding a game.


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