How to "update a topic"

So i juste want to know can i update an existent topic?

in what sense?
The first post? Yes. just edit it. (preferably add an EDIT below the previous text so people see what has changed)

The title? Of your own posts, yes. Scroll up and click the pencil.

I mean it’s a wip post and i updated the link and i want to know how to edit the topic so it will be visible again.

which link do you mean?
the one to the game?

To clarify, which of your WIP do you want to get updated again?

I just edit the topic, and then make a reply in the topic that it has been updated and whats been updated. Seems to work for me well enough.

I assume you need to get the thread opened, right? In that case, just contact the @moderators and one of them will be glad to open it for you. :slight_smile:

Looks like the OP has solved the problem, so I’ll lock this thread for now. If there’s any problem, ping me.