How to Train Your Familiar (WIP)


I ran into this after choosing not to hold my breath, female, attracted to women, and not doing anything.


Is this the only instance where your strength wasn’t increased when it was supposed to?

As far as I could tell, yes; then again, I only looked when the story told me that something had changed.


Masculine/feminine pronouns are considered outdated and offensive. “She/her” and “He/him” pronouns are the politically correct terminology.

“S{name} is unfamiliar with magic, after all.”’ error.


I’ve played through what was here so far and I like what I’ve seen so far. It has a sort of whimsical charm that makes me sad the demo is pretty short right now. :pensive:

The familiar creation process – at least what has been hinted to it so far – reminds me of an old WIP about a student at a modern day temple who learns to harness their inner aura to fight mischievous creatures, but I don’t remember what it’s called.

Here’s hoping that we are able to train our dra-- I mean familiar.

Be honest, that was one of the first things to pass through your mind. Doesn’t help that the “doctor’s” description reminds me of Toothless. :grin:


Okay! Today’s the day I’m going to see what’s wrong with the stats and hopefully try to patch things up.

Thanks for pointing that out! I patched that up last night, so there should be no issue now.

I checked this morning and, sadly, it’s not. :sweat_smile: I guess I’ll have to take a gander at the stats today! [quote=“Laguz, post:12, topic:23334”]
Masculine/feminine pronouns are considered outdated and offensive. “She/her” and “He/him” pronouns are the politically correct terminology.

I hadn’t realized that was offensive, but I immediately went and changed it to She/Her and He/Him. I’m really sorry about that!

Really? :smile: I’m glad to know that it gives off that sort of vibe! I’m sorry for it being so short though… but then again, it’s just the prologue.

You’ll also get plenty of chances to train your familiar, scaly or not. :wink:

Honestly, it wasn’t! But when the idea of a dragon familiar was brought up last night I immediately took a liking to the possibility of a dragon. It is definitely something I’ll be looking further into!


Seem interesting so far can’t wait for more


It seems interesting. I like the idea of the story. It kinda looked like an anime for some reason. I do think it lacks choices though, to give the MC more personality, I mean. Like, sarcastic, honest, brooding, social, loner, etc. You should look into that, but overall, I’m looking forward for more :slight_smile:


nice tryd the game it was interesting think i keep a eye on this game* presses the button at bottom of the page marking it as watching the topic*.


When I saw an option to talk to the cat I was kind of expecting a “and what’s your name?” while feeling around for tags.


Have to say that what i’ve read is pretty cool.


How are our familiars going to be decided.

I dislike how strength and agility are opposing stats. I typically think opposed stats are best for personalities stats.

Why does defending ourselves increase darkness?


I typed up a few thoughts here as I was going through the story…Each was typed as I was going along, so questions asked may have gotten answered farther along in the story. A few thoughts are just typos or grammar/spelling issues that I noticed.

[spoiler]“When the nurse if finally satisfied with your measurements” … The “if” should be “is.”

I wonder what Darkness is. And, why does “Bracing for Impact” increase Darkness?

“You yourself sit on the ground that is blanketed in snow” … You yourself? That…doesn’t make a lot of sense in American English… Also, on the same page, how is a voice “more silvery” than another voice? Either issue could probably have been ignored on their own, but together they left me re-reading the page because I was distracted by the wording and forgot to remember the content of the page. :sweat_smile:

“one thing you can certainly testify to is the long, wild hair that cascades down her back and whips around like fire as she moves” … “can certainly testify to” is an odd way to phrase that.

"They appear to be fighting, at least, that’s what your recent encounter with the creature has led you to believe."
That’s a comma splice. Consider making this two sentences or use a semi-colon.

“She strikes the creature multiple times, each time the creature resists and attempts to retaliate, but the girl always seems to be just out of reach.” Also a comma splice.

As the red-head finishes the purple creature, I have to wonder…how did I get to the forest unhurt. And, if I am unhurt, why am I considering purple creature a “great threat to my life.” I guess he is absolutely a kidnapper, but still…she straight up murdered that guy. Why should I trust her? Also…purple people eater? Heh heh heh…

After asking the girl “What are you?” I get a page telling me she’s a witch. Then, when I try moving on, I get the error “prologue line 552: bad label seconquestion.” That is how my playthrough ended. Too bad, really.[/spoiler]

EDIT: Tried a second time through, and noticed that no matter how you react to the purple thing, your Darkness increases. Why have a change there at all if the Darkness increases regardless? Is it a different amount dependent on your choice? Just seems odd.


Didn’t get around to making a post the other day, but I did look into the stats and fixed the problem! I’ve also scrapped the scene where you ask Elizabeth questions because they were rather pointless. :sweat_smile:

I plan to! One of the main reasons why I want to edit the prologue is so I can include more choices and consequences to those choices.

Is it a bad thing that those expectations weren’t met? Lanval talks no matter what, but do you think there should’ve been a smoother transition into the MC figuring that out like seeing a name tag or something?

For your familiars, I want to give the illusion that the MC didn’t have a choice in what their familiar is, but I still want to allow the player a choice in the matter. Nothing is set in stone quite yet, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of the MC discussing the topic with Elizabeth, and Eliza lists a series of animals that are usually weird or uncommon. The player gets to pick from that list and that is what will become your MC’s familiar.

And I’m going to include opposing personality stats, it’s pretty much decided at this point that none of the current stats are going to stay that way. I think you are right in that opposing stats are better suited for personality stats, so I wouldn’t expect to still see Strength/Agility when I finally get onto chapter one.

Thank you! I looked at what you read and fixed some of the issues.

In regards to you being unscathed, it isn’t really addressed because it’s meant to be unexplained for the time being. I’m including an ‘explanation’ scene in the beginning of chapter one. As for Elizabeth, you don’t have to trust her. I’m going to include more options for the MC to have varying reactions to everything in the prologue.

Your Darkness growth is independent of whether you chose to defend yourself or not. It increases no matter what choice you made. It is further explained in chapter one, but I’ll still explain the gist of it below.

[spoiler]Your darkness increased along with your magic ability. It’s kind of like a backlash for not keeping your powers in check when using them. When the MC is attacked, it sort of ‘activated’ their powers and thus a bit of darkness along with it. This will essentially be the only time where your darkness increases despite your choices. At any other point in the game, you can avoid a darkness increase. You will also be provided with opportunities to decrease your darkness.

The only reason I increased the player’s darkness is so that it can be introduced, explained, and taken care of later on. I hope that makes sense?[/spoiler]

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed what I have so far. :blush:


Actually being answered while I search could be funny.

The MC could be asked what their favorite animal from the conversation is and they think it’s just small talk instead of some life changing decision.


Okay! So, I’ve been mulling over possible choices for familiars which I’ve included in the poll below. I want to make each familiar have it’s own personality rather than just plugging in various animals into each scene, so the top 5 choices will be included in the game.

If none of these seem right to you, I’m still open for suggestions! This is just to get a general idea of what people like based on what I have so far. I’ll include a second and final poll before I actually write in the familiars.

  • Crow
  • Frog
  • Weasel
  • Dragon (Small)
  • Bat
  • Fox
  • Duck
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Parrot

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A rabbit or dog might be nice…


I originally wanted the MC’s familiar to be something different from the norm (i.e. dogs and cats), but I’m certainly open to reconsideration if that option is popular enough! I’ll include those in the next poll. Thanks!


Crow sound cool😎
have flashback about itachi


:slight_smile: 'Tis just a normal crow with a totally normal eye.


There’s a dragon on the list… of course everyone and their grandma is going to vote for it. Not that its a bad choice but I’ve played so many WIPs involving dragons lately that I’m kinda itching for some variety… luckily the game is going to have at least 5 familiars. :stuck_out_tongue: