How to start making a new game from scratch?


I have absolutely no experience in coding at all. So please think of that when I ask this question because it’s going to look incredibly stupid. These choice games are incredibly fun to do so I wanted to try making one myself. I’ve looked over the commands and techniques and I seem to understand it, except my biggest difficulty so far is… actually starting the game.

Whenever I try to substitute my own words over the startup.txt page I always get flagged for an error. I know that indentation is important, and I’ve been keeping it consistent. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and I’m pretty sure it’s just a simple mistake that I’m making that’s preventing me from going any further. -_-

So my question is, how do you start a game completely from scratch? What do you have to put in for the first scene so that there aren’t any script errors? I know that it’s probably a broad question, and I can specify if you need to. I’d really appreciate if you could help. Or, if there’s another thread that answers my question if you could direct me to it. Thanks!


I take it you’ve read over everything on

Have you also looked at the wiki?

Have you looked at the code of other games to see how they do things?

And I’d suggest using a text editor, like Notepad++ because it really makes the indentations a lot easier to keep track of.

What error are you getting?


I’m looking at the wiki right now, and it’s extremely helpful! A lot of the errors that I used to get have since disappeared and I’ve fixed them.

I haven’t looked at the code of other games, only the sample game. Where can you see them?

An example of an error I would get is: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement. I’m still not sure what it means.


Congrats on fixing your own errors.

The illegal to fall out statement means that every section of a *choice statement needs a *goto or a *finish after it.

So the following won’t work and will give the illegal statement

    #Choice 1
    #Choice 2

And this will

    #Choice 1
        *go choice1
    #Choice 2
        *goto choice2

Make sense?

You can see the code for most of the games on the website. I generally suggest having a look at Dragon, since it’s a nice and simple game.

You’ll find the files for Dragon at Ignore the .json and .js files in the folder since you don’t need to worry about those and just look at the .txt ones. I’d suggest starting at and then using the scenes list to tell you the order of the files to go to next (so next.)

If it doesn’t make any sense to you and doesn’t help though, don’t worry. I just found that looking at other games and seeing everything in actual effect worked best for me and helping me learn.

[Tool] ChoiceScript Development Environment is really useful too.


Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you for your help. I think I have a better understanding of choice script now, especially the startup.txt which is what I was having the most issues with. The wiki cleared up a lot of things I was having trouble with.