How to put a name (input_text) in stats?

I’m having trouble with seting the name of the player in the choicescrip_stats

My code looks like this in the startup:

*create name “”

Let’s begin with some simple questions, what’s your name?
*input_text name
*set name "{name}" {name} is a really nice name.

It works in the game.
What I have to do in the stats so the name will apear as the input_text the player choose?
If I do that:
Name: ${name}

It will apper just:

Using the same logic, can I use text as variable?
*if (variable > 30)
*set Magic “Elemental”
*if (variable < 30)
*set Magic “Caotic”

And on the stats:
Magic: Elemental/Caotic/Etc depending on wich one you got

so insted of using the if (variable > 30) I can use if magic “elemental” or something like that?

If you’re using an input_text command, the latter *set name isn’t needed anymore.
In the stats file, use a simple

text Name

It is possible to use text as a variable, only then you need to use the following:

*if (variable > 30)
*set Magic “Elemental”
*elseif (variable < 30)
*set Magic “Chaotic”

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


It worked!
I was really complicating things :smiley:

Thank you

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Normally the

Name: ${name}

Should work. This’ odd

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