How to hide a specific stat

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So I am having a bit of an issue.

percent soul_reading Soul Reading
percent recreation Recreation
percent destruction Destruction
percentage regenerative_healing Regenerative Healing
percentage summoning Summoning

For this small code. I wanted to hide the recreation and the destruction stat but I honestly don’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance. And have a wonderful day.

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If you don’t want the Recreation and Destruction to be visible on the stat page, you don’t have to list it on the *stat_chart - just create the variables in startup and modify them as needed ingame.

Heads up, you’ll need “percent” not “percentage” on the last two lines.


You can hide those stats behind another variable that acts as a flag. When you want to show them again, just set the variable to true. Something like this:

Somewhere in the startup file

*create showStats false

And inside your stats page:

  percent soul_reading Soul Reading
*if (showStats)
    percent recreation Recreation
    percent destruction Destruction
  percent regenerative_healing Regenerative Healing
  percent summoning Summoning

Thank you Both!


Here’s an example of how I did it recently, where until you learn a character’s name, it displays differently in choicescript_stats.

I used the variable *create nyeru 50 as the stat for measuring your relationship with the character Nyeru, a demon, and the variable *create met_nyeru false as the stat for whether your character has learned the demon’s name.

As you can see below, I have to restart the *stat_chart when introducing conditionals. It doesn’t look any different on the stats screen.

  percent garrie Garrie Berg
  percent hel Hel Faywhill
  percent skye Skye
*if not(met_nyeru)
    percent nyeru Demon
*if (met_nyeru)
    percent nyeru Nyeru

Simply put: before you meet Nyeru in person and learn their name, they’re just called “Demon” in the stat screen. Once you meet them and they introduce themselves, “Demon” becomes “Nyeru” in the stat screen.


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