How to get a global(?) variable from start_up.txt to stats.txt and use it in if condition

I want to get a (what i thought) global variable from the start_up screen to an *if argument in the stats screen. Is this possible? (Doesn’t work how I did it).

*create mc_eyecolor ""
*create mc_own_eyes true

*comment the following code is outside a *stat_chart
	brown eyes
	${mc_eyecolor} eyes that look foreign

Error: Non-existent variable ‘mc_own_eyes’

It should not throw that error, try rewriting the variable, it may fix it.
Sometimes it happens.

I did thanks.
Then it showed me, that it wanted a *goto - I did that, now it works. Maybe it wanted a *goto all along, but wouldn’t show before rewriting the variable.

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