How to download these games onto a laptop?


I just got my Laptop repaired and i want to download some of my games from my Google account and well it just isnt giving me the option. All help is greatly appreciated


Are you using Chrome? Going to the Chrome Store?


Google play store on chrome yes


Click the gear box in the top right, select My Apps. Launch them there while signed in. I think that should work.


Google Play and the Chrome Store are two different places. I think the Play Store is for tablets, whereas the Chrome store is for browsers. Did you previously play the games on your laptop?


No i didnt i was playing it on my smartphone which is no longer with us :frowning: anyways now im down to my laptop and im using some bluebox thing or whatever to run it but its pretty damn laggy.


correction Blue stacks


Im just given up on COG sadly :frowning: i wanted to play the new ZE release but blue stacks is way to glitchy and there doesnt appear to be any other good software to run apps on a laptop so goodbye for now COG make your games laptop accessible sometime :confused:


Windows8 store has a few of the games.


I’m sorry I’ve never owned a phone capable of running games of any sort so I’ve not been sure what your issues are. I play Choice of Games using my desktop. I just purchase the games in the chrome store and play in google chrome. (Although apparantly they’ll play in any browser once they’ve been purchased.)

Since you’ve already purchased the games in one medium I can see why you wouldn’t want to buy them again. I wish I could help. I’ll try googling to see.


@Reinfrost if you buy them in Google play and are associate to your account you could play them in all android device around world. I buy games in a tablet and when my phone died i play them in my best friend device.its easy log with your account games will be allow to download without any cost forever. So when you have another android device near download again and play them. you already pay for them and they still there for you.


It looks like you’re right and that Bluestacks is the best of the options to play android games on a laptop. However it’s said to be extremely laggy.

That’s not Choice of Games fault, it’s just the problem with android games. You could try emailing them and asking if they have a solution though.


Thank you for all the input people and im back just waiting for ZE to come out haha