How to become king early on, the great tournament 2


Does anyone know how to become king early on without Hanna winning and becoming queen because I have tried every thing


You don’t become the king early on, Hannah will always win the vote.


Yep, cannot. First time reading i was furious. Wish there was a choice to show that i was angry in game… would have been nice lol


You never win the vote,the only way you can become king is by rebelling against Hannah at the end


Thank you i literally spammed the restart button to check everything


I had yet to try it out yet, However, I suspect if you chose to become king at the end of the tournament of the game 1, you should be able to continue be 1 if you are imported the runthrough


For the second time it’s not possible to be king at the start of the game, even if I you import a game where you asked to be the king.


thank you for telling me.(Wholehearted)