How much trouble would I get in for taking the content of a “real” copyrighted videogame and turning it into a CoG

So you’re saying I can make it, but I can’t/shouldn’t share it.

I believe that if you made your project for personal consumption only, it would fall within the ‘If a tree falls in a forest’ area of copyright. However, as soon as you published or even distributed the content of Bethesda’s IP without authorisation, you and anyone else (COG/DashingDon) would be liable. This type of project like you mention already exists within COG i.e adapting Vampire The Masquerade to the interactive medium, however it’s an agreement with explicit authorisation. A partnership.
In my opinion, you would be much more successful by opting for fanfiction or taking inspiration in their work and creating your own story.

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As a similar thing, there’s a very popular demake of Bloodborne, BloodbornePSX, on itch,io. It remakes the first few hours of Bloodborne as a PS1 game. Obviously, it hasn’t been taken down or anything despite being pretty well-known (not yet at least). To me, the idea feels fairly transformative, in a Fair Use sort of way. This arguably would be more transformative, remaking an extremely non-linear 3D RPG as linear-by-necessity text-based interactive fiction. It doesn’t replace the experience of Oblivion at all, and obviously you’d not sell it or anything so no issue on that side. I’m not necessarily saying it’d be totally fine, who knows really, but I think it could be kinda okay. Totally depends on so many factors and likely luck, but I don’t think it’s a hard no like has been said here so far.

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Why not just use some Edlen Scroll concepts to create your own universe? Like take some elements you find interesting, and twist those elements into something new. Who knows…you might find something amazing to share with the world.