How many CoG/Hosted games are on your PC/Phone?

My very first game was Hero or Villain: Genesis, and then I fallen in love with this kind of games (genre). And then, I decided to collects all of CoG/Hosted games on my devices (buy them of course)… so I just wanna ask, how many of CoG/Hosted games are? And, how many games are on your PC/Phone? I have total 120 games on my Phone, and still, I think that wasn’t enough.


I only have five games and all of them are HG but I like them and will try to save money for more text games later on in the future

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I only have 9 on my phone as apps, but I can use the omnibus to access the ones I bought on the website, which is a lifesaver on long trips with no wifi. :sweat_smile:

I’ve got 84 on Steam. That’s… a bigger number than I was expecting. No wonder I’m always broke!


Since the release of the Omnibus, this discussion does not make sense.