How long is everybody on the forum?


I joined the forum in august 2012 so your Forum Void Assassin lives here for about 1 year 2 months
Im planning to stay on the forum my entire life so ill will always be here… watching… :slight_smile:

so how long are you on the forum already?


Nice to know that you’ll be watching :-SS

I only just joined the forums recently this year, however I’ve been lurking since 2010. Ever since I discovered Choice of Dragon I’ve been hooked on these sort of games. A lot has changed I have to admit and there were some games that I was looking forward to but never got made.

But joining the forums was a very good decision and I look forward to talking with everybody.


Joined in June 2011


April 2012 - You can actually tell by looking at someone’s profile :slight_smile:


December 2011.

Although, I lurked for a while when Choice of the Dragon was the only game available before eventually creating an account.

@P0RT3R You won’t be alone. I, too, will be in the shadows watching since that’s my nature - to lurk.

I love the wealth of discussions on the forum which is a great benefit to me and also provides a lot of meat to chew on while I am busy with creating my own game.


October 2011. Hard to believe it’s been two years…

Before that, I’d been writing for several months, but I hadn’t been lurking on the forums until just before I joined.


July 2011…

its been great watching CoG grow over the past two years!


March 2012

It doesn’t feel like that long, though!


I joined, like, a week ago.

. . . Do I even have the right to mention that? Maybe I should have waited a few months before posting in this thread.

Oh well. I’m glad to be here.


December 2012 On Christmas I think, or was it New year?


I have been on the forum since August 29th 2013 and I am currently makeing a WIP called Dark Prestige-Dark honour-


Marajade poisoning the forum since November 2012 >:)


Haha poisoning the forum^^


March of this year!!


Been here for a couple months or so, I guess. I lurked for a while before getting an account, too.


march 2013


I’ve been around since late Feb 2011… I’m mostly a lurker I suppose and have seen a lot of writes come and go…


June 2013


may 26 i think its hard to believe that once at that time CoG were free and could play full version ill be watching ;]


September 2012. Been lurking for a month. Gooooood times, goooooooooood times.