How long do temp vars exist and when do they expire

So, no error or sample code to show, but I’m just looking for advice on temporary storage variables.

Due to some poor programing on my part I have been using a lot of goto and goto_scene commands. I am wondering if I goto back to the scene or between scenes if my temporary variables will always persist, or if there are limits on that.

Also curious if there is a limit on how many of those things I can have floating around Due to memory limitatons on Dashingdon I have been using a ton of temporary variables. I feel like with modern day computers and internet users probably won’t run out of memory, but maybe there is a hard and fast answer to this somewhere.

Just basically looking to make sure my code isn’t going to abruptly fail somewhere due to my use of the temps.

Thank you very much to anyone reading this and potentially replying to this for your time.

There’s your answer.

Temporary Variables really are Temporary!

The most important thing to bear in mind concerning *temp variables is that they are exactly that – temporary . As soon as your game loads a new scene file as a result of either a *finish or *goto_scene command, all of your temporary variables – and their values – are lost from memory . In essence, temporary variables can only be used within the current scene file.