How important is romance to you?

Title kinda says it all, but let me elaborate.

The game I am writing now is pretty grand in terms of size and it focuses on wars, large scale battles, three kingdoms fighting for the throne.

My aim is to have it feel like an adventure rpg game, but I am finding no natural place for romance.

In terms of writing I am really…really bad at writing romance. It looks like a 5th who tried to write romeo and Juliet and made it cheesier.

So how important do you think romance is in a choice game? Can i still make an effective game without it?

If you do a search of the forums on romance and relationships you’ll find an awful lot of topics on the subject. I’d suggest looking over those and feel free to bump them if you want some more input.

How Desireable are Relationships and Romance Options: Are They Considered Mandatory Crunch or Appreciable Fluff? for instance.

If you’re speaking of your own game in particular, then you can ask on its thread. You don’t need to contain romance in your game.