How does the word count on work?

I’m having trouble with getting my word count on a project I uploaded on

The error I’m getting is:…

500 Internal Server Error

Undefined variable $scene_list (2)

#0 /var/www/ flight\Engine->handleError() #1 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(167): {closure}() #2 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(143): flight\core\Dispatcher::callFunction() #3 /hid/flight/Engine.php(322): flight\core\Dispatcher::execute() #4 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(196): flight\Engine->_start() #5 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(142): flight\core\Dispatcher::invokeMethod() #6 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(48): flight\core\Dispatcher::execute() #7 /hid/flight/Engine.php(65): flight\core\Dispatcher->run() #8 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(196): flight\Engine->__call() #9 /hid/flight/Flight.php(77): flight\core\Dispatcher::invokeMethod() #10 /var/www/ Flight::__callStatic() #11 {main}

My code looks like this:


What can I do or is the an alternative?

As far as i know, that functionality does not work on moody. You can try using CSIDE for word count.


edit: ignore me, I was completely mistaken. my projects don’t have startup in the scenelist and it seems that they shouldn’t be able to work that way (but somehow they do), so I have my own weirdness to fix. just completely disregard everything I say :sweat_smile:

yeah it does work.So you are saying I should
put startup on the scene list


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