How do you motivate yourself to code?


Yes I do, but I stay up on it, but by no means know it all. I however do agree on reflection that was an unfair comparison. It is just I do not come from a programing background and find the code hard to follow and understand as it does not always make sense in the way it works to me. HTML was the only example of programming I have had, all be it not true programming. So yes for non programmers this is a very hard topic to come to terms with. Nevertheless it is worth while, and not to scare the non programmer away the support is some of the best I have ever come across.


@lordirisdas - I am starting to feel as if programming is a little like art, you’ve got that flair or you haven’t. You understand it or you don’t.

I can’t draw, not at all. I might produce something PASSABLE given half a day (this would be something that would take someone with “flair” five minutes). I have to try really, really hard to draw stuff, no matter how hard or long I practice.

Programming on the other hand makes perfect sense to me, it just clicks, if not straight away with a little bit of additional research I’ll usually come to grips with it in a reasonable time frame.

I’d never seen it before but since I’ve come to this forum and realized how some people do have to put a lot of effort into learning programming, it does make me wonder.

Maybe it would help people if they tried to design their code in text beforehand.
Take the problem and write code out in pseudo form, or pure english:

If the player has done something
do this
If they haven’t do that

THEN try and convert it into commands?


If I could write CoG in a HTML type format, then I would be turning out work like you would not believe. And I do agree with you that you have it or you don’t when it comes to programing.


Well you - can - use HTML to change the layout of your game (significantly), you can’t and never will be able to use it to code the logic though (ifs/choices/variables).


lol I can wish.


I like coding… Though to be fair, my story is pretty easy to code for. Really, my trouble is motivating myself to write. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but it’s hard to get my ideas down.


@lordirishidas: If you like HTML-style coding, download Twine and check it out:

It has a GUI interface that shows how passages are connected, but you will mark up passages with HTML-like code, and don’t have to worry about indentation, etc. It is almost as powerful as CS, and very easy to get into. You can also use CSS to change the appearance of your story, HTML to add pics, etc.

Here’s an example story created in Twine by our own ScarletGeisha:

Here’s a quick start guide for coding in Twine:

And more documentation (but still incomplete). Look at the “Adding Code to Your Stories” and “Customizing Your Stories” sections:

I don’t believe Twine competes with CoG in anyway, esp. since the original author has abandoned it, and no one makes any money off of it. It is a nifty tool, and definitely made immediate sense to me since I know HTML.


@CJW, you’re right with the pseudo form; our IT teacher has a saying: “One can’t be called a programmer if he or she doesn’t know the pseudocode.” I usually use pseudocode for coding systems, let it be ChoiceScript, Pascal or any other programming language as it’s way easier to do it this way in most cases for complicated systems. At least for me, it is easier.


@HoraceTorys thank you for the heads up, but I am all ready hip deep into CoG and might as well stay with it.