How do you host games with Dropbox?

I followed the wiki. I used the link and enabled a public folder, I placed the dfbulich folder in they, with all of its contents. I went to web, and got the public link for index.html. But that link leads to a download, and doesn’t host it. I’ve looked through some of the game development conversations, but while I’ve seen others with this problem, I’ve not seen anyone explain how to do it right. They say to follow the wiki, which I have done. Any advice?

You have to put your web folder into the dropbox’s public folder, then go to the html file in the web folder and it’ll give you a link to your gamebook.

You dont have to put all cs there lol.Only the web folder. If you correct push the icon you will see a share a public link not a download page, i got that problem at first because i was in a phone tablet app that not allow public links. so i got to the web in my phone in desk mode and push icon or name until a option share a public link appear. Sorry i got not tech advice i just push button until link appears :))

I did that. I put the web folder instead, and did a public link through the desktop site version for the index.html. But when I paste and go, it takes me to a page that downloads the file. Like this:

That’s what happens when I choose share public link on that file. It goes Dropbox-Public-Web-Index.html, so I don’t know what I did wrong.

Public folder links look like something like this:

I’d guess you’ve either not correctly enabled your public folder (you can’t just create a folder and name it public - there’s a special method), or you’ve not copied the public link correctly.

I think that I’ve found the problem. The shared link says this:

But when I copy and paste, I get:

So, since the first one works, anyone else who is stuck like me should write down the link instead of copying it like they said, because it takes you to a download page instead. Weird. I should email the developers. Thank you, CJW and MaraJade for your help.

How to set up your game in Dropbox.

First, download Dropbox.

Now, follow this link to create a public folder.
**Note: Don’t create a public folder manually. If you did already, rename it to something else before clicking the link.**

Finally, copy your web folder to the newly created public folder. That’s it! Carry on writing your book from it’s new location.

Sharing your game:
To let other people play your game, find your index.html file (public/web/mygame/index.html)

Right-click the file and find the option ‘copy public link’. This may be listed separately, or might be hidden in a ‘dropbox’ sub menu. Either way, left-click it.

Now, open a browser and paste the weblink. Your game will begin. Alternatively, you can paste the link in an email to send to a friend.