How do you get closer to taloo in treasure seekers of lady luck?


Everytime I play the game I always have to be nice to everyone but they don’t give that much options and so Gallo either stops liking me or she doesn’t really care for me can I get close to her without shunning thisi


You can’t, it’s one or the other :confused:


Well witch one is worth it taloo or thisi?


Taloo for sure. Be mean to Thisi regularly.


I thought Thisi was more fun, but I only played through the demo. The opposed relationship scores really, really, seriously annoyed me. If you do something nice for one character in private, another character will hate you for it, even if they have no way of knowing. It makes absolutely no sense. X(

Thisi and Taloo are opposed in this way. So everything that makes Thisi like you also makes Taloo hate you, and everything that makes Taloo like you makes Thisi hate you. :-q :-q :-q


Due the limited interaction with Taloo your actually going to be spending more time with Thisis.

Meaning: Taloo hates people being nice to Thisi. Being mean to her will get you what you want!. Taloo is also a little more bloodthirsty, but that’s really only evident if your a stealth character.


All relationships suck, end of story : D


“love is like an onion Double Dee the more you peel away at the layers of it the more it stinks.” Ed


@rage you are a genius. It is so like that.