How do I preview my story?

I’m really new to this, and just started writing a game. However, I have no idea how to preview it. Whenever I try to open the index, it just isn’t opening properly. I found a post where somebody was having a problem like mine. That person downloaded the zip files from the website again, but that’s not working for me.
Two different folders are downloaded when I downloaded the zip file–one has a small zipper image on it, and the other is blank. When I tried to open the blank file, a message popped up that said, “Unable to get property ‘setStartingStatClone’ of undefined or null reference”. I exited out of it, and an empty page pops up that only shows the stats and restart button. I pressed ‘restart’ and another message came up that said the same thing, except that the quoted text changed to ‘resetStats’. The stats button did nothing. In the corner of the page, there is a small loading bar that doesn’t work, even when I waited.
The folder with a picture on it will open the Internet and then show a “Loading” page. I waited a long time the first time I saw it for it to load, but like the last one, nothing happened.
Then, when I try to open my own game, it asks me to upload my choicescript folder containing index.html. I’ve tried uploading folders to it but it says that none of them can be found…
Please help!!

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I’m uncertain of what your issue could be and thus can’t provide a solution to it directly. However, there is a solution that will eliminate the problem entirely and might just make your entire experience working with ChoiceScript easier!

Resident genius @CJW created a program called CSIDE, where you are able to write and playtest your game in one singular environment. The program come with ChoiceScript as part of it, and you can playtest/preview your game directly in it, with some added features for more extensive testing.

Instead of needing to manage a whole folder with sub-folders and so many confusing files, you simply open up CSIDE and write your project directly into the editor. It makes it easy to switch between scene files and work on multiple projects at once.

What you can do is download, install, and update CSIDE, then import your files into your new CSIDE project. (You could even just copy and paste from your current text files!)

It’s not a direct solution, I know, but CSIDE really does make working on ChoiceScript a lot easier, especially since it also has a web version that you can use via Dropbox if you’re not keen on downloading programs or are unable to.

If you need help importing what you have so far into CSIDE, I’d be happy to walk you through it via PM!


Thank you so much!


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