How do I message another user?

I want to PM someone but in their profile there’s no button with such an option. In fact, it’s missing in each and every one’s I check out. I’ve received messages myself but how do I write one?

Once you’ve been on here enough and active enough (no spamming) you’ll get a new rank that allows you to send pms

How much time and forum posts does it take?

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Full members of the community are those that keep coming back, and that have participated long enough to access all major features of the forum.

You can get to trust level 2 by…

  • visiting at least 10 days, not sequentially.
  • casting at least 1 like.
  • receiving at least 1 like.
  • replying to at least 3 different topics.
  • entering at least 10 topics.
  • reading at least 100 posts.
  • spending a total of 60 minutes reading posts.

At trust level 2 you…

  • can send other users direct messages.
    • this includes sending DMs to users at lower trust levels.
  • can “Invite others to this topic” with a button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics.
  • get a daily like limit increased by 1.5×.

That is it, hope it helps c:


OK, I see. But does one have to fulfill all these simultaneously?
Also what does entering a topic mean - to start one with a parent post (like I just did here) or what?

Entering a topic is just clicking on the title of a thread on the forum main page, where all the different threads are shown.

You have to do this over the spam of some days. I do not know the precise amount, but give or take two weeks to a month?

Well, I just reviewed my profile stats, turns out I’ve covered all but the first one for Level 2 (3 day visits short) so I want to ask the mods to keep this thread open for a few more days and see, when I hit 10 will I be promoted or I’ll have to ask about it again.

I’m curious, am I notified that I am allowed to send messages? Also, where is the option when I need to send a message? Thanks

You have to be trust level 2 or a “member”. You are currently trust level 1 “basic”. If you want to find out how to be a member @L_M posted the requirements just a few posts above yours. Once you can message other people, once you click on their profile picture you will see a blue box in the corner of their banner (I think thats the word?) that has an envelope and says message. I hope that helps.


I believe you can return a private message that someone sends to you at trust level 1, though. But right, you can’t yet initiate the PM.

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Thanks for ur guidance