How do I add, disable dialoge based on stats? (SOLVED)


I’m wondering how I can disable (make it seen, but not clickable) normal dialoge, for players who have a very low Intelligence stat, and how do I add in special dialoge (dumb dialoge) just for them? Also, how do I make it others respond a certain way based of Beauty for example etc?

For example, if Beauty <6, most NPCs respond really nicely to you.
but if Beauty >4, NPCs treat you like poo. XD

What’s the EASIEST way on going about it?

Help? :smiley:


In order to grey out choice options (make them visible but unclickable) you can use the selectable_if command, which is explained in this article

You can use if statements to change the responses of NPCs based on the player’s stats, as described here


Don’t know if this is what you need, but:

  *selectable_if (intelligence < 5) #"Uhh..."
   *goto dumbconversation
  *selectable_if (intelligence > 5) #"Hello!"
   *goto intelligentconversation

And yep, this is a simple example, I know.


You can display indents in code by using the “Preformatted Text” option when typing up your reaction


Right. Thanks, forgot.