How About Kpop?


I know there’s already a music thread, but I feel like Kpop is its own special genre of music, and I would love to know if anybody here is a huge kpop fan!

My favorite groups are (in order of learning about them) :

*Seo Taiji & Idols (or boys)




*SHINee (key forever, bruh)



*Wonder Girls


*Block B

*BTS/Bangtan Boys

What about you guys? Any suggestions? :two_hearts:


The good old days of kpop hahaha my queens of kpop the Wonder Girls they got me in kpop. Than I moved to bands like
4 minute, Tara, Kara, Brown Eye Girls, it was nice to see the rise of bands like 2ne1, f(x), Sistar

I also was a fan of what I called the alternative bands of kpop the ones that a few years ago were doing there thing in the industry but for some reason never rose to the popularity of the bands on top which where Nine Muses, Rainbow, Miss A, After School, Secret, sunny hill, Rania just a few of the ones I remember.

Who can forget the era of sub groups every band that had a following where creating them and the only one I like to this is Orange Caramel.

Than there were the era of the wannabes of which I sort of like but not to much: Dalshabet, Apink, Girl’s Day. For me they tried to be like the top girl bands of that time and failed.

Than there where the one hit wonders where I like them for that one song or they dint make it pass 1 song or they made albums and simply weren’t that memorable

Bands like the Piggy Dolls, Chocolat, Five Dolls, Spica, Son Dambi, Ham, Brave Girls, Gangkiz


I’ve listened to a few K-pop songs and I really want to get into the genre. Could anyone recommend some music for me to start out with? I’m a big fan of girl groups and upbeat, catchy music.


Is that like a cereal


What groups have you listened to? :smile:

I got into K-Pop around 2012 and it’s been a while since I paid attention to what’s current with K-Pop but honestly f(x) is so incredible I’m still listening to them. They’re a girl group with two members that were born in the US so they’re certainly one of the most non-Korean friendly groups, I think. Also, I think they’re quite different from the usual girl groups, there’s something really refreshing about everything they do.
My favorite songs of theirs are Rum Pum Pum Pum and 4 Walls.

I listened to a lot of boy groups too and a bit of K-Hip Hop, so if you want any more rec’s feel free to ask! :blush:


SNSD, Red Velvet, and Akmu is the best!


Wow, I haven’t heard SNSD listed as a favorite group in like four years. Do they even still put out music? I’m genuinely curious. I tend not to follow SM artists (though I do have some on my list of top faves), because SME is just such a terrible company, in general.

As for AKMU, I find it hard to get into their music. Maybe it’s a little too young for me? I mean, good for them for breaking all kinds of stereotypes (being co-ed, having members be siblings instead of making them debut separately, etc.).

Do you prefer underground hiphop or the popular stuff? I hesitate to call anything that is none international underground, but you never know lol~

I love me some Zico. He’s such a lil cinnamon roll. :heart:


Oh boy, I used to be really into Kpop but these days I only really pay attention to Block b, Mamamoo, and EXO. A lot of people love to hate EXO but let’s be honest they got some bomb concepts


I never got into EXO, because their fans creep me out. No offense intended. I’m talking about the Korean fans. They’re very hateful young women (and some men, of course).

i speak korean and follow the korean fansites


Yes they do still make music​:no_good_woman::smile:. I like SNSD, Kara (if though they broke up, poor YoungJi, youngji fighting!), EXO-K, Got7, Red Velvet, EXID my favorite LE (her flow is amazing and swagger, so pretty too.)


I LOVE Zico, he and Block B are fantastic. I’m pretty sure I full on cried with their comeback video after their lawsuit with Stardom Entertainment. I get you with the whole SME being generally terrible, simply googling “SM Entertainment lawsuit” is horrific :sweat:… That, I feel, is one of the biggest faults with the Korean entertainment industry; artists getting worked too hard all for the sake of raking in teenage girl’s money… SHINee and f(x) were the first groups I listened to, what got me into the whole scene, and there’s a part of me that just admires them so much for working so hard. :cry: [quote=“ashestoashes018, post:9, topic:18061”]
their fans creep me out.
Yeeeeeaaah omg the sasaeng fans are absolutely terrifying when you hear about all of the weird things they do. I remember reading an article once about a girl who dressed up as a guy so she could sneak into a bathroom and take candids of the idols in there (can’t remember if it was EXO or BAP).

I agree with you re: not knowing what to classify the KHipHop I like :laughing: I adore MFBTY and really like RapMonster although I haven’t listened to any BTS lately… I’ve always like anything GDragon does but again that’s super duper mainstream (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)…

I like Dynamic Duo, and don’t really see enough appreciation for them (as far as I’m aware?), especially that song Choiza and Primary did with Zion T.

But again, honestly, Zico is pure magic in everything he does.


Omg I ADORE GOT7. I’ve been in love with JB ever since he did that drama Dream High, pre-JJProject :heart_eyes:


Lol yeah JB is good I wouldnt say I’m in love with him though😂. But my favorite Jackson lol
What’s your favorite song by them?


[quote=“AwkwardNature, post:13, topic:18061”]
What’s your favorite song by them?
[/quote]I loved “A” since the second it came out, and really enjoyed the general concept and styling from that era. I thought everything about “Just Right” was brilliant as well, haven’t properly listened to them since that came out, but those two songs are definitely in my list for top KPop songs (not that I’ve actually formulated a list… yet).

Yes! Growl and Call Me Baby were absolute perfection. I’ve always been really appreciative of EXO’s choreography too. And I thought the song “Lightsaber” they did for TFA was incredible, really well done in terms of music video and styling,


Yes🙌 “A” my favorite song and era too. My other one is girl girl girl, I like the rapping and dancing in that song. I still trying get use to “fly” I’m not really that crazy about it.


I know it was all so good :heart_eyes: and their teasers for Monster and Lucky One are BEAUTIFUL I can’t wait to for the album/mvs to kill me


I just watched Fly there. I sort of liked the song but I feel like the music video itself, the story line and the choreography, was sort of disjointed? Watching it was kind of odd… And I hated the identical outfits holy moly :see_no_evil: There’s some fan theories about what the video is about but I think the concept of music videos shouldn’t be something that viewers have to decode? I want to watch a fun music video, not an episode of Making A Murderer :laughing:

YES omg I’m really looking forward to Lucky One especially. The teaser for Monster seemed very… sort of a cross between Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby and BAP’s One Shot? I still think it’ll be amazing but dear god these boys need to sleep 2 videos is TOO MUCH.


:joy: Exactly, and the outfits wasn’t crazy about too. I like when the outfits have their own sort of individual tlstyle to match the artist style.


The memorable ones were Hello Bitches by CL and I Don’t Need a Man by Miss A. I’ll be sure to check out f(x)! Although it doesn’t matter to me where any of the members are born, heck I wasn’t born in the US myself :joy:

Who are your favorite boy and K-Hip Hop groups?


I completely forgot about MissA! Thanks for reminding me; they’re great.

Oof I like so many I’ll try and condense it short enough list (with my favourite songs by said artists) :joy: Some of these songs are going to be sort of dated as well (sorry!) but I’m going to link you to them cause I feel like going for a trip down musical memory lane.

  • SHINee - View (and Dream Girl!)
  • EXO - Growl
  • Got7 - Just Right
  • BIGBANG have kind of been labelled as the “Kings of K-pop” so you might as well check them out but honestly I’m not too huge on them? I like the leader of the group though - GDragon
  • And I’ve always thought HISTORY was completely underrated and have stuck with me even as I sort of fell out of KPop. Especially Dreamer and What am I to you - SO good wow, for some reason Dreamer in particular is a song that always overwhelms me.

WAIT I almost forgot about CNBlue’s Can’t Stop - such a brilliant song and video.

RE: K-HipHop, MFBTY are brilliant. Their video for Buckubucku features some greatness from Rap Monster
Block B are a boy group but I’m so unsure how to classify them cause honestly they’re in a league of they’re own? See: Jackpot, Very Good and Nillili Mambo. Zico is the leader of Block B and he is greeeeeeat especially in Eureaka.

BAP and BTS are also pretty rap-based in terms of their songs but I’m already listening to Zico now so I don’t feel like interupting that to find a link, sorry! :joy: :joy: