Honoring A Real Person In A CoG/Hosted Game

I am writing a character in my project based off of the real life hero: Carl Brashear - the first Afro-American Master Diver in the US Navy. Wiki entry for Carl Brashear

The thing is, I really would like for people to look into Mr. Brashear’s life because a hero like him deserves to be better known and he is someone we all can learn from. Yet, without naming my character the same name (something I am not going to do in any event) I am only coming up with a mention of him in a glossary/wiki page in my stats. This is not ideal because most people won’t read those types of stats pages in the story - yet I really want to inspire people to learn about him.

Does anyone have any other ideas I can use to accomplish this?

You can make a special quiz with some reward for people who answer the questions correctly about Mr. Brashear or you can make someone really important to story highly inspired by Mr. Brashear that would make some people search the name and find what they can also you can give them a wiki link in the stat page.

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wait - is this story in another world like another earth or another planet

It is in my own created storyverse - parallel Earth would be descriptive but the project itself is pure fiction - the character is just based on Mr. Brashear.

well then all my suggestions are on their way to dustbin.


I think a problem with putting real people in a story with a made-up world (or even just into any story at all, period) is that readers will assume that the person is similarly fictional unless they already know about that person … which defeats your purpose. I do remember that “Scarlet Sails” had a “which real-life pirate are you most like” thing at the end, which could be one way to go. Or maybe just a “dedicated to the memory of X, who did this important thing” at the beginning.


Have you tried contacting their organization with what you intend to do?
Perhaps they might be of assistance.

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I think a dedicated to entry at the beginning or end will be perfect; as perfect as it can get at any rate here in such a story.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute @DUNGEON_MASTER, @Miseri and @Carlos.R

@Cecilia_Rosewood or @moderators - this thread can be closed. Again, thanks for the help everyone.