Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 5 public/Ch 6 Patreon, updated Apr 8]

Here’s a more in-depth peek at another major character, Matia Frasada!

Matia’s from the same town as you, and returned here ten years ago. They’re fun-loving and direct - sometimes a little too direct - but will have someone’s back when times get tough. Will you rekindle an old friendship or build a new one, grow romantically close, have a no-strings fling, work together to get the job done, or some combination of possibilities?

More details below!

Full name: Matia Frasada

Age: 44

Gender: selectable between trans man (he/him), trans woman (she/her), and genderqueer (they/them)

Background: a former Specialist in the Exploration Service, Matia spent most of their adulthood travelling to remote, dangerous parts of Teran scouting for resources and surveying unexplored regions. In the last ten years, though, they’ve returned to Elene’s Prospect to care for their aging parents, help run their grocery store, and organise supplies for the school.

Personality: forthright, brash, easygoing, down-to-earth


Appearance: short, squarely-built and muscular, with brown skin, dark eyes, and long, straight, black hair with thick streaks of grey.

Style: Matia currently wears their hair in a messy bun. They wear rough, practical clothes, usually in muted colours: often overalls over thick shirts, and prefer a long, battered coat and fingerless gloves in cold weather. They wear several rings, as well as many earrings in both ears (studs and hoops).

At their best: grounded, direct, canny

At their worst: crude, easily-exasperated, grudge-holding

You’ll like Matia if you like… someone no-nonsense, who’s practical when it counts, who’s down-to-earth, who likes to have fun, who will be a rock to those they support, who will crack jokes to break tension, who has deep roots in their community and is eager to extend that community to newcomers.

You’ll like romancing Matia if you like… someone who’s upfront about what they like and want, who will take charge if you’re into that, who is straightforwardly affectionate, who will enjoy indulging you (and themself at the same time), who will cheer you up when times are at their toughest.