Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 5 public/Ch 6 Patreon, updated Apr 8]

Here’s a more detailed look at two of the major characters of Honor Bound, Fiore and Catarina! As parent and child, they’re strongly linked, and their relationship with each other is tracked as well as your relationship with them as individuals. In order to get very close with Fiore, you’ll need to have a solid relationship with Catarina too; Fiore won’t want to be close with someone who isn’t kind to their daughter.

Via military higher-ups, Fiore has arranged for you to guard Catarina while she’s living away from home at boarding school. It’s your choice how - and if - you’ll shape Catarina’s school life, and what connections - friendship, romance, or something else - you’ll build with Fiore along the way.



Full name: Honored Fiore Roldan

Age: 35

Gender: selectable between trans man (he/him), trans woman (she/her) and transfem (they/them)

Background: an eminent scientist awarded a title for their contributions to agricultural science five years ago, though they haven’t done much of note since then. They grew up in the capital of Teran, New Belmir City, and still live there in a luxurious but empty house. They married young, had a single child, and are now widowed.

Personality: serious, anxious, intelligent, protective


Appearance: mid-height and heavily built, with dark skin, brown-black eyes, and black tightly coiled hair.

Style: Fiore currently wears their hair in braids reaching to their upper back and carefully tied back. Their clothes are tastefully expensive and not entirely practical; smart-casual in everyday, glamorous for special occasions. They like the colour lilac.

At their best: intellectual, measured, caring

At their worst: fussy, indecisive, overcautious

You’ll like Fiore if you like… someone quietly smart, who’s eager to be liked, who (over)thinks before acting, who’s considerate, for whom still waters run deep, who cares fiercely and is a devoted parent but who sometimes finds it hard to connect.

You’ll like romancing Fiore if you like… a slow burn, mutual support in the face of old regrets and new problems, forming a new family, being looked after, reconciliation, facing up to mistakes, intense long-repressed emotions, and someone who will take charge in a caring way if you’re into that.



Full name: Catarina Roldan

Age: 14

Gender: cis girl (she/her)

Background: Catarina grew up in New Belmir City with her parents Fiore and Jaime. When she was 8, they divorced, with Fiore taking primary custody; when she was 10, Jaime was killed in a road accident. Catarina has a keen mind and is unafraid to tell people when she thinks they’re wrong. Her dearest goal is to go into scientific research related to the young field of computing.

Personality: ambitious, perfectionistic, contrary, enterprising


Appearance: plump, going to be taller than Fiore, with dark skin, dark brown eyes, and tightly coiled black hair.

Style: Catarina currently wears her hair in two puffs. When not wearing the golden Ozera school uniform, she likes to wear wide-legged trousers and turtleneck sweaters.

At her best: friendly, determined, eager

At her worst: stubborn, seeing things in black and white, inconsiderate

Fiore and Catarina

Fiore and Catarina: Fiore truly wants nothing but the best for Catarina but is finding it difficult to let go and allow her to spread her wings. Concerned for her wellbeing, they don’t want her ambitions to push her into burnout; they’re also anxious for her safety in the light of their fame.

Catarina and Fiore: it’s been a tough few years for the two of them. Although they’ve had support from family and friends through the divorce and bereavement, they have found it difficult to connect and are often at odds. In particular, Catarina finds Fiore’s anxiety patronising, and chafes at the idea that “it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning”. Why would she not want to win?