Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 5 public/Ch 6 Patreon, updated Apr 8]

@feurio a wider age of ROs was definitely something I had in mind when I knew I wanted to write a game with a protagonist who isn’t a teen or a young adult, so I’m very pleased you’re liking there being ROs aged 30+! Thank you for the kind thoughts about canon trans ROs :heart: On a personal level it means a lot to me to include them (and binary trans options for the MC) after being less confident about doing so in earlier games.

@AletheiaKnights Thank you so much and I hope the wooziness passes! I am really happy about keeping a school setting while not having the PC be a young person studying there. All the ideas I had around this time had that in common, though this was the only one that involves being a bodyguard! While I was outlining the concept, I read this article by Brandon Taylor about campus fiction that delighted me, particularly this quote:

What I love about campus fiction is that is provides a world in miniature whose rules and laws and rigors can be stand-ins for the rules, laws, and rigors of the broader world. The other thing I love about campus fiction is that it often provides a crucible for conflict and drama that might not occur elsewhere. Because a campus often draws people into relation who might not otherwise have been in such relations.

It helped me draw together the different games in the Creme de la Creme series in my mind even though Noblesse Oblige is very different to the others, and this one will be different in other ways.

@starpendle Thank you, I’m really glad! I have been writing a lot of MCs and ROs in their late teens and early 20s for the last few years and it is really fun to branch out!

Hahaha! Korzha has a good Long-Suffering Austere Look which I’m sure they will deploy a lot in your playthrough.

@vignatic I’m delighted, thank you very much!

Grouping these together as they’re on a similar theme:

Awww I entirely understand!

That entirely makes sense. I was wanting to keep things mysterious for the prologue/extra tidbit BUT it will be revealed fairly early on in the demo when it’s up.

@Valixon this may be of interest to you as well:

Here is the text of a post about the circumstances of your injury that I made on Tumblr in response to a similar comment! tl;dr: there are eighteen unique ways in which you ended up in hospital, with varying degrees of how much it was your fault, and ingame you’ll be able to decide how you feel about everything with more context (not really spoilery, just a bit long):

Notes on the MC's circumstances

It is intentionally vague in the prologue, but the circumstances of the injury were complicated and involve an error, a lapse of judgement on the MC’s part, or political difficulties, which means punishment may be on the cards. That’s what Alva is talking about when she mentions that she’s been arguing with other higher-ups about the situation.

I’ve left it vague for now because the prologue is intended as a selection of hint-dropping and to introduce some elements of the game rather than how it’ll be in the full game and demo.

That said! In the first chapter you’ll be able to choose the details of what happened, in which the options vary depending on your original assignment. eg: if you were a field medic, you’ll choose between a set, if you were a trainer you’ll choose between another set, etc. Some are more of an obvious misstep than others; some are unlucky situations where the MC was blamed. Plus you will be able to choose from various nuances of how your MC feels about everything.

There are eighteen unique options in total for what exactly went wrong!

Awww that’s lovely and exciting! I have really enjoyed writing them both (together and separately) so far. I will add that you will definitely get to bond if you want… and if others want, you will also definitely get the chance to trash your relationships with them outrageously :eyes:

@Leinco ahh I’m really sorry about the confusion! Maybe one day I’ll write something like that story :heart: (games about trans characters going through transition in this space are rare, but if you haven’t played The Sea Eternal, there is a character going through a similar situation to that.) You will be able to chat with Fiore and Matia about their experiences (and share yours with similarities and differences, if you’re playing a trans MC).

@RockmanX Thank you so much, I’m really glad you’re liking the look of it! :smile:

@Dpwjeremy I’ve really enjoyed writing about the school - it’s a different atmosphere to Gallatin or Archambault, but with plenty of school dramas along with it!

@spiral_fracture I have had a ton of fun writing the students so far! You’ll get to know Catarina and Simone in Chapter 1 and I’ve been writing the others more in Chapter 2. I really like how they bounce off each other (and cause drama situations, haha).

You will definitely get the chance for something like that and there are also a lot of chances to refuse help or try to push through things alone in a strict/hard-on-yourself way… I think you will enjoy sinking into some stoic struggles.

I’m excited that that’s coming across already! There is a lot in this game about decisions to involve yourself in/stand apart from/drive wedges into (sometimes) cosy, small communities, figuring out how your character relates to them, and choosing what they prioritise. My goal is for various different options to feel satisfying, both on a small scale and with the wider plot! Hmm, I veered onto themes rather than atmosphere there… but for me they feel quite linked.

@11110 I am planning to make a big post more about politics and history in a bit, but in the meantime there’s a post on the Royal Affairs thread about what’s been established ingame which may be of interest. In general right now, things are stable and prosperous in Teran. The President has been in term for eight years (a term is five years, and there isn’t a limit on how long they can be in office). There’s a large, sprawling belt of islands off the Teranese mainland between Teran and Zaledo. Many are ruled by Teran and have been considered part of Teran for many centuries; some are independent, some unclaimed, and some, which are closer to Zaledo are ruled by Zaledo. The last time there was a large-scale military operation was about fifty years ago, when Dahaika, one of the sets of islands, successfully seceded. The two countries are now coolly civil towards each other.