Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 1-7, 306K words | updated 5th July]

Last-Chapter Push NaNo Progress Update #1

I’m doing a little NaNoWriMo to keep my momentum, so I’m going to do these weekly until I’ve finished my draft.

I’ve been working on the Chapter 12 first draft, which I’d already coded. I’m pleased I did it that way - it’s the first time I’ve done it - as it meant that I could sweep from Chapter 11 to 12 and continue the writing mood.

It’s mostly gone really well. The amount of words I’ve got down on the page is great: I tend to get excited and write a lot more when I’m getting towards the end of a game. On Thursday, though, I had a lot of bugs to fix because I wrote so much on Wednesday, and today I hit a stumbling block in which I spent almost the whole day which branches in so many different ways. It’s literally over 2000 words on what players will see as a short paragraph of text. I was starting to get antsy about it because it’s not something super plot-dependent but it’s something I think players will enjoy a lot, and was almost going to cut it before figuring out how I could write the rest of the scene without driving myself up the wall.

Right now, because of that, I’m a little bit behind where I really wanted to be, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll catch up on Sunday and beyond.

And in the meantime, I’m keeping an eye on feedback for the current public demo which got updated with Chapter 7 on Tuesday, and doing any fixes that need doing.

Monday: 4119
Tuesday: 1457
Wednesday: 5928
Thursday: 3675
Friday: 2264

Current wordcount: 494124 words
Average playthrough wordcount: 90527 words
Week’s wordcount: 17473 words

Hope you have a good weekend!


The fact that so many of the ROS can be non cis makes me so happy :face_holding_back_tears:


I’m really pleased! I was really happy to do that for this game and have characters talk about it more, in ways that I hadn’t felt confident doing previously :heart:

In other news: I’m over halfway through my first draft of the final chapter, and although I also have some other bits to draft where I’ve moved a partially-drafted last-chapter scene to an earlier chapter…

:tada: I’ve gone past 500,000 words, this is not a drill :tada:


Last-Chapter Push NaNo Progress Update #2

Chapter 12 is nearly done. It’s nearly done!! This week I was mostly drafting that part of the game, though I also moved some things around - there’s a scene I was going to have in the final chapter and then moved elsewhere because it worked better there.

Right now I’m ahead of where I wanted to be - which is great for obvious reasons, and also because every so often I realise there’s something I need to edit, either earlier in the chapter or earlier in the game. And I’ve got an ongoing list of things to go back and do once the draft is down.

  • Sunday: 1606 (regained where I wanted to be at the previous Friday!)
  • Monday: 7186 (a lot of this was code - I very much don’t usually write that many words in a day!)
  • Tuesday: 3238
  • Wednesday: 3384
  • Thursday: 3228 (I spent a long time that day on bugfixing, and despite the large wordcount, lost a bit of ground in where I wanted to be)
  • Friday: 4535 (regained the lost ground!)

I’m feeling the intensity as I’m reaching towards the end - this sprint-writing approach is good for getting the words down but isn’t sustainable for the long term, so I’ll be pleased to return to a more measured pace once the draft is done.

  • Current wordcount: 517301 words
  • Average playthrough wordcount: 92931 words
  • Week’s wordcount: 23177 words

Happy weekend, everyone!


Good news for Honor Bound!

Well… my initial first Honor Bound draft is done!

That’s 525000 words that I’ve written for Honor Bound in 15 months.

The work isn’t over yet though by any means. Tomorrow I’m going to start playtesting… a lot. I’ve already playtested the first two-thirds fairly thoroughly, and have done some work on Chapters 9 and 10, but I very much need to test Chapters 11 and 12 because they branch a lot and there’s bound to be some wonky continuity going on there that I need to find.

And I’ll be taking a look at the difficulty balancing as well - the option to show what’s being tested makes it much easier, but I need to make sure it’s reasonably possible to reach the desired thresholds.

Thank you so much for all your support and feedback in helping me make this game. It would have been a much, much harder road without you.

If you haven’t played the Chapter 7 update yet and are curious about what’s in it, please do! Although it’s been 11 days since I last updated the public demo (and there’s something funky going on with the compiled version I originally put up on itch, so that one is now downloadable rather than playable in the browser), I’m still implementing player feedback and will be until the Choice of Games beta testing starts.

Thank you again. I really appreciate all that you do, and please know that if you’ve been in a position to subscribe, it really has made a difference in being able to spend so much of my work time on this gigantic game!