Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 1-7, 306K words | updated 5th July]

This isn't necessarily done yet, but I'm not sure when I'll manage to continue, so have the current state of the cat in the uniform. (I'm picturing a Norwegian Forest Cat from the description.)





I love it so much. Thank you for sharing!!!


Hi! Found a little bug in chapter 5 on itch.io when PC talks to Korzha after class. Bug that shows up:
“An embedded page at html-classic.itch.zone says
5-return line 5190: Non-existent variable ‘var_speak’”

It’s the choice below:

bugged choice

“It’s unlikely that there would be an emergency,” Korzha says, “but if there were, there would be difficult consequences. I will make sure it’s done tomorrow whether or not you’re able to help, but your presence would be very useful.”

  • “I’d be happy to help.”
  • “I don’t know if I can spare the time.”
  • “I don’t think so.”
  • “I should talk to Raffi first. We’re meant to be going to Cattlehead tomorrow.”
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Thank you so much for letting me know! Can I check whether you’re loading an old save, or whether you played through (from the start or skipping chapters) after the 7th May update? The var_speak variable was added in that update, so I’m wondering if an old save is causing problems with the new variable.

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Oooh, okay! I am playing from an old save, so that must be it.

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@DAlariaa I hope it works - let me know if it’s still being wonky and I’ll take another look!

In other news, after more playtesting I submitted Chapters 9 and 10 today - tomorrow is when I start planning out Chapter 11. Really hoping to get things pinned down efficiently so I can start having fun coding it and putting it all together!


Unfortunately, it’s still the same. My last save was at the beginning of ch5 (“Part 2: Summer” screen), should I try previous from the middle of chapter 4?

Thanks for reacting so quickly! :heart:

I think you’ll need to start from the beginning, I’m afraid - the saves don’t work if the variable being referred to didn’t exist when the save was originally made. I’m sorry about that - you should be able to skip to the chapter of your choice, though. I’ve mostly managed to avoid that problem with this project, but this time I got caught by it.

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Im probably late to party lol but just saw the cover art on here and it looks so pretty and comforting! Sorry if this post seems weird I just really like it. And the wip obviously :slightly_smiling_face: :heartpulse:

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I only hope you made wiki or a website just like cataphrak infinity seas. So it will be easier to see world settings, info of place and persona of important. Patreon post just not really easy to search

@parisgracex never too late for the admiring-cover party! I was so delighted when I saw it - it was exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for with the lovely warm lighting and cosy campfire feel.

@Saf11 On the Patreon for Sneak Preview subscribers there’s a link to a setting wiki so there’s always that! There are also some setting descriptions in the first post of this thread and on the stats pages of each game :slight_smile:


It occurred to me that now that Chapter 6 is up, you can start a romance with any of the characters if you want to! (This isn’t the last place you can start one: that’s Chapter 9. And the polyamorous romances can start properly in Chapter 7 for one of them, or Chapter 9 for others.)

So I wondered how you feel about the pacing of the romances - each is a bit different, with Raffi and Matia being more physically forward and both them and Savarel happy to start dating early, Fiore being more tentative early on because of not having dated in a while, Korzha only letting themself consider it once you’re working together more closely, and Denario being happy to get physical and be emotionally open, but not able to be present as much as the others. If you’ve romanced someone, and especially if you’ve tried romancing more than one person, how did you feel about the timing of getting to know them and moving into romance?

My goal with the slower ones was to have the sense of them being slower to open up to romance while also giving the chance for players to have plenty of time with them in that more opened-up stage - hence having the opportunity in this chapter to start romances with the slower ones if desired.

And since I’m curious…

(Here “romancing” means either actively starting a romance where you get the achievement come up, discussing romance for the future, meaningfully flirting, or holding a candle and not saying anything for now.)

Which character(s) have you tried romancing so far?
  • Denario
  • Fiore
  • Korzha
  • Matia
  • Raffi
  • Savarel
  • Matia and Korzha
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Gosh, Raffi reigning currently! Buff fools are popular in this thread, it seems :laughing:

I think Savarel was less popular a while back so they’re getting some more fans!


I first read this as: “Butt fools” … well played, Harris. Well played.

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That too! :laughing:

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Fortnightly progress report:

I can’t believe it’s just over a year since I announced Honor Bound!

And we’re getting towards the end!

Sort of.

In a roundabout kind of way.

This fortnight I got my Chapter 10 notes back from my editor and did my revisions, some of which involved tweaking things so that [certain plot things] are more accessible to a wider number of players. In the meantime I started planning and coding Chapter 12.

Yes that’s right, I coded Chapter 12 before the detailed plan for Chapter 11, like a madlad. Chapter 11 is where a lot of fiddly plotty pieces fit together, and I decided to plan Chapter 12 first so that I knew where I was heading. It’s been pretty good! I’ve coded all of Chapter 12 and am deep in all those fiddly plotty Chapter 11 pieces now.

This week, I’ve also been busy with some other freelance work but I’m still plugging away at all this Chapter 11 planning.

It’s a school holiday next week so I won’t be doing much writing then, but the week starting 3rd June is when I’ll be back at work. And on 4th June, Honor Bound Chapter 7 will be going up for Sneak Preview subscribers on Patreon!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Current wordcount: 431127 words
Fortnight wordcount: 12460 words
Average playthrough wordcount: 85008 words


Korzha, Raffi and Savarel reigning now jointly - Korzha who is buff but not a fool, and Savarel who is neither, heh.


Me a simple denario simp seeing the results:


(Joking btw no shade haha)


For me, Raffi just… happened. I wasn’t really aiming for them.

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Me sitting here with the three lowest solo options. :sunglasses:

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