Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 1-6, 263K words, updated May 8]

And for the week before the public demo goes up… here is an intro for the last major befriendable and romanceable character, Savarel Lopes!

Savarel is a newcomer to Elene’s Prospect and Ozera School, having moved to the town a few months ago with no family connections there. They briefly had a job elsewhere, but are now starting to put down roots as the town priest, assistant to the town doctor, and school nurse at Ozera. Will you build bonds of friendship or romance, work for mutual goals together, or end up clashing?

More details below!

Full name: Savarel Lopes

Age: 28

Gender: selectable between cis man (he/him), cis woman (she/her) and agender (they/them)

Background: having grown up in a recently-built town in the rainforest, Savarel remained in the military after completing Teranese Service, trained as a medic, and joined a disaster relief team as a medic and, later, as a priest as well. About six months ago, they were discharged with honours thanks to their aid work in the wake of tsunamis across the Teranese Islands. Now, they divide their time between a few different part-time jobs and associated responsibilities.

Personality: driven, warm, principled, hard-working


Appearance: of medium height and build, with olive/light brown skin and dark eyes, and wavy black hair that reaches to around their chin with a few grey hairs here and there.

Style: Savarel usually wears loose, comfortable, flowing clothes in undyed or lightly dyed colours. They always wear a pendant depicting a blue fern, the symbol of the Church of Teran, but no other accessories or ornamentation.

At their best: earnest, ethical, meticulous

At their worst: workaholic, independent to the point of harm, self-righteous

You’ll like Savarel if you like… mutual support, shared experiences of trauma and recovery, teaming up to work for something bigger than you, unpacking layers of obligation and survivor’s guilt; someone who will do what they’re certain is the right thing at cost to themselves or their reputation.

You’ll like romancing Savarel if you like… looking after someone who finds it hard to look after themselves, being looked after at the same time, exploring vulnerability that isn’t revealed to others, someone who will go all in on you, who wants to connect but struggles to feel they deserve it, who is very keen to give comfort and support.