Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 1-6, 263K words, updated May 8]

Here’s a more in-depth look at another major character, Raffi Claudian!

Raffi’s a fellow bodyguard, but is from a fancy private security company rather than the military like you. They’re deeply earnest and deeply unwise, and will put themselves on the line without giving it another thought - whether or not they should. Will you make friends, have a no-strings fling, embark on a romance, or something else?

More details here!

Full name: Rafferty/Raffaela/Rafaele Claudian

Age: 25

Gender: selectable between cis man (he/him), cis woman (she/her), and transmasc (they/them)

Background: originally from a coastal village on one of the smallest Teranese Islands, Raffi graduated from Teranese Service five years ago, and since then has had many different jobs: wagoneering, bartending, working as a bouncer, and a brief stint as a clothing model. Now, they’ve landed a job as a bodyguard with a private security company and have been assigned to Simone Morarre, a girl in Catarina’s year at school.

Personality: starstruck, loyal, easily-led, adventurous


Appearance: tall and muscular, with light, tanned skin, nearly-shoulder-length dark brown straight hair, and hazel eyes. They have the look of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and does a lot of physical activity.

Style: For work, Raffi wears a bright blue uniform reminiscent of your field uniform but with extra golden flourishes. When out of uniform, they tend to wear athletic gear, or for formal occasions, outfits that show off their physique (whether that’s shirts and trousers, or dresses), often in bright colours, though nothing very expensive.

At their best: considerate, fun-loving, guileless

At their worst: directionless, foolish, ditzy

You’ll like Raffi if you like… a thembo, who will look out for you and always have your back, who can work with you to keep others safe, who is easygoing, who is up for all kinds of adventure, who loves making connections with others, who has a goofy sense of humour, who you can call upon to get things done when you need them.

You’ll like romancing Raffi if you like… someone uncomplicated, who won’t play games with you, who is very physically competent even if not so competent at thinking things through, who will always be clear with you about their feelings, who is open-minded, who may not expected commitment but would be delighted to bring you home to their family, who is keen to broaden their horizons, who is impressed by you.