Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 8/17/2023

Noooo I was deeply reading the new update !!! XD It ended up so abruptly ! I’m eager to play the next update !


Ah such a cruel place to end the demo at! Been a while since I gave this story a look, but its good to see its still going. Still the only CYOA around here I can think of that has buxom as a choice, and even allows you to have a scarred female character.

The story has certainly evolved from my last playing, and meeting more of the characters has been quite interesting. It’s also nice to very clearly mark the romantic/flirty options. Been fun to do so with Desma, although there are some other lovely ladies on the list it seems… will have to see how those unfold, given Desma gets the lion’s share for now (and for good reason).

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I’m glad you still find it interesting and thank you for giving it a read! I’m looking forward to the story progressing and the other ROs getting their chance to shine, because Desma definitely has the childhood friend advantage of showing up sooner lol


Hi. I just read this and I’m loving the direction it’s heading to. A job well done. Thank you for the peak Fiction.


I read it now the 100th times lol and I always find it so wonderful, the characters, the humor, the adventure :smile: the Love interests are sweet and I never can say which of them I would prefer or like more (I flirt with all of them :joy:)
Now I need to read the update :grinning::heart:


Thank you and thank you @Queen_Zelda for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed what’s written so far! Y’all are too kind :heart:
As of the 25th there is a short update, but I’ve already noticed some bugs :rofl:


By the way I return the gift you gave me with interest XD


Time for an update!!

It’s been awhile, but it feels good to get back writing again and to get the wheels of this story back in motion!!

Now y’all can check on how things are going at the guild, plan some thieving, and maybe get some answers from Papa Duck…

Let me know if anything breaks and Happy Easter!!


Overall looks like a good little update and im glad to see more of the unfolding world. :smiley:


I love the update, it’s getting close to our heist :laughing:


Finally read through the whole thing, and Sutek, the damn bastard, has me in a chokehold. :upside_down_face:

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Me waiting for the next update…

Me and the Gang

Just popping in here to say that I really like what you have so far. The world you created feels rich and real. I’ll be keeping an eye on this WIP, can’t wait to see the story unfold.


Ahhh thank you so much! Happy and grateful to have you along for the ride! :heart:


The public demo has been updated!

Play it HERE! (Or click the link in the main post!)

It’s been a hot minute, but we now have an update! (This update is both several months later than I would have liked and a few days early as I have to make a work trip and wanted to get this out there before I go.)

In this update y’all have a some thieving to do, a palace to go to, and a couple of encounters to have.

There are some things to be aware of. If you select the palace heist option, it will be marked as under construction, so I suggest you don’t. Also, do not mind the stats not changing immediately or accurately. The stats are the most WIP of this WIP!

As always, thank y’all for your patience and I hope you enjoy!


Oh, my MC so dearly wants to respond to this as a student of his Teacher Alim:

“Because if one day that land owner were the only one left to work it, they wouldn’t know what to do, nor have the years of experience to do it.”

Just one little clap back for Alim’s honor? :innocent:


You should probably update the title on the main post about the update

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I have no problem shaming the general about soldiers behavior In every military when you’re the commanding officer you must take responsibility and get yelled at or ashamed by your acts of training your troops you are not alone individual anymore you are in charge of a unit and you should train your unit to behave better around civilians no matter if you’re at your home country or in another country itself on or off duty you’re training and behavior is depending on your drill sergeant and commanding officer This is a personal standpoint I’m sorry If this sounds unfair I have been raised in a strict manner

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Oops, you’re right! :sweat_smile:

Clapback request noted!