Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 11/25/2022

hadn’t read the updated demo yet but I was already going into it not trusting the nobles lol when get free chance will definitely read the updates portion.

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The cliffhanger that’s evil :sob::sob::sob:


Yes, the mental version of clinging to the side of a cliff hanging over a 100 m drop that’ll kill you if you slip is truly an evil emotion


I enjoy this demo so far. I always wanted to play another good thief like game, besides Trials of the Thief-Taker.

Looking forward to see how this one goes.

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how old is the mc?


#You yell at the other children to get off of you.
*set Brazen %+15
*set Intimidation %+10
*set Charming %-10

I don’t know if someone had already said this but this doesn’t seem to work since my MC’s intimidation stat doesn’t increase after choosing this choice.


In early twenties by the start of chapter 1.

And @Ava_Xx thank you for bringing that to my attention! I think know how to fix it!


Small update is up!


For being ‘small’ it was quite a healthy chunk of text. :grin:

I believe that even if we haven’t gotten everyone’s names yet, we have technically met/seen every RO with this latest update. Well done! The excitement is ramping up, and you legit had me worried for Amatus but I’m relieved that passed without too much issue.

There were a few typos scattered throughout, but nothing that interfered with readability. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for the next “small” update. :wink:


This is gonna be a long hindrastic sloop When you take people out of their natural environment Like say You used to work for carpentry and then you got reassigned As an engineer In a car company People have to change their outlook very drastically to get used to this so Our thieves are gonna have our time because they’re used to hitting their targets fast and quick not slow and being part of royalty and the noble class
To tell you the truth I’ve been to a fancy party from my family side and I rather not go back there Or see them again Just say they were spoiled


Hahaha thank you! I’m glad it wasn’t too small! I’m excited that the story is getting closer to the more meatier parts!

@Takashi_Shin You’re definitely right about it being an adjustment for the thieves and I look forward to writing them being a little bit of fish out of water, especially with how abruptly things have changed. Sorry you didn’t enjoy your family’s fancy party! I hope the food was at least good!


The demo is so amazing! I really love the way you build the world, it’s lore & rules, characters & MC’s life experiences that shape them. It’s so well done, the way every scene flows, the details, just enough to build everything in your imagination without overwhelming yourself. Also the added Pinterest boards are such a help for full immersion!

I am absolutely in love with the story & I cannot wait for more! :black_heart:


While the mc was never part of the noble class as such the scholar background comes somewhat close and has had a time in their lives where they did things more slowly but also more deliberately and with a lot more contemplation. With that in mind I particularly like the reason why, even as an adult, my mc can refuse to fight in the pits and indeed see the need to resort to violence as something that tarnishes their legacy and their connection to their old teacher (and Poldi).

My commiserations.


Hope everyone is doing alright! The new update is up! It finishes where the feast left off and hopefully isn’t too bug filled. Let me know if you run into any issues and I hope y’all enjoy!


Thank you for the lovely update Leone! Really enjoyed the update (though sad Heka got his feasting interrupted :/). Only really saw a couple of typos (see the blurred parts below).

Second line is missing quotation marks - it’s in the passage after choosing whether or not to pick pockets at the party.

The should be then I believe in the highlighted portion of the sentence. In the passage after doing everything at the party and meeting back up with Merikh.

Not a typo but the second “Laverna and I” in the sentence is kinda awkward to read flow wise.


Thank you for the update! I did find what I think is a typo.


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I think I’m in love with a snake charmer


Thank you for helping me find these typos! I always end up typing too fast or just flat out missing them so thanks for the help! I’ll be hopping in and fixing them soon

And @Takashi_Shin looks like she charmed you and the snake lol


This is super interesting so far! Can’t wait to see what more is to come.

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