Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 1/27/2024

Going through the demo in the older sections still same issue i noticed before exist but thats allright :smiley: i wanted to make comment on the new stuff so far, and im loving what i have encountered and looking forward to more.

There was a typo here or there but i did notice one inconsistency so far its during the time of the temple i sent tamu to follow that lord but he is with us when we get summoned to the king. The time frame is much to short for him to have returned allready… so maybe a coding error and that it thought i had kept him with us?

In any case i particularly enjoyed the theft at the palace and the surprize that waited us and the otherd there. As well curious to learn more about that family an the other things that are brewing.


Tamu returns before then. Though brief, iirc, the part following the head priest’s speech before Heka’s demonstration mentions Tamu coming back.

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I just replayed again and it does not show as such.


That is weird. Not saying I disagree, but I definitely remember there being a line of Tamu coming back before interacting with MC. If the MC can make it back to Heka’s part in the temple’s show, Tamu certainly can, but MC is supposed to be able to note Tamu’s return. :thinking:


Yeah its weird lol part of the reason why i mentioned it because would exspect some kind of acknowledgement of a return.


Thank you to you both, @Valixon and @LadyUmbreon89

I’ll go back and check because you’re right, there should be a scene where Tamu comes back! I’m still working on editing and continuity, so thank you for your patience and bringing it to my attention.


Very interesting read, always enjoyed playing as a thief going about doing it’s business with a close knit group/guild and court intrigue is also my cup of tea.

I do hope to see more of this, specialy content involving Desma, I just can’t pass on the opportunity of going on and about doing whatever with my childhood tomboy friend who has my back no matter what.


Dare one say, that I could feel the heat and grime and mild tragedy of the emaciated and gaunt suffering little ducklings?

Yes, I could. Its natural climate of morbidity and rough hewn upbringing really stick to your skin and traps itself in the nether-seams of your thought process.

Sweat. Blood. Tears. Grit and poverty stuck in places that I relate to all too well. I liked it. A lot.

Will there be crumbs of introspection? If not to remember one’s suffering and roots, then simply to reinforce the necessary


plot reasons of brass prophecy cups filled to the brim?

Being a thief is fun, but it’s really endearing when you’re in the know about why you ethically do some things to uphold some things, and then unethically do some other things like charmingly robbing the masses with blatant disregard as a profession because-because, because-because.

I want this to be GREAT because it has the genuine impression of being great. Here’s to mewling in the dark, spinning in circles waiting for more updates…