Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 1/27/2024

What is the word count for the most recent update? How about the entire demo so far?

I’m not sure what the word count for the update is, but the total word count for the current demo is 111,917 words, excluding command lines.



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the demo has very intriguing storyline. I appreciate the work of the writer . But I would also like to suggest some more improvements for making it more interesting . Firstly I would like you include more RO’s . And secondly from what I have wondered during reading was that you should , introduce the character when it makes an appearance for example the characters like hadsaaah another side were named much later in the story . This add up of additional names in between the main climax seen or main seen can be bit confusing for the reader as it be a divulging or a distracting factor for your so try to include them earlier in your story rather than later . Hope to see more of the stories like these.

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There are 8 RO’s already though, why add more? How would that make the story more interesting?


I think this story has plenty romance options to choose from. To be honest whenever I see a WIP with more than 4-5 romance options I always feels some apprehension. That are a lot of characters to flesh out and give a satisfying platonic and/or romance route. It will at a ton of words to the story. Which is great (yay more content!), but also runs the risk over overwhelming the author. Seeing that many of the latest stories being published are well over 400.000 words (how many novels are that?!) I can imagine that that must feel like a humongous task. So dear author. It’s good to listen to suggestions from your readerbase, but ultimately it is your story. Write what you want, keep it fun for yourself, and hopefully we will be able to purchase this story and show our appreciation in due time.


@BLACK_Qween Thank you for reading and I’m glad you like the premise of my story! I appreciate the feedback and I will go through and try to make sure that it’s clear which characters are which and that I’m introducing them in a clear way.

As for increasing the amount of love interests, that is something I won’t be able to do. They each have a place in the plot as well as having planned out romances and to add more would disrupt the story I have planned. Plus I would not be able to manage anymore romance options without the quality of the routes dropping dramatically. Hopefully, as the story progresses and you have more interaction with the current romantic options, the existing potential love stories will peak your interest!

@Nemorah Thank you so much for your encouraging words and your support! :heart: This story is already a larger undertaking than I thought, but reminders like yours keep me motivated to keep pushing forward while not biting off more than I can chew. Super grateful that y’all are such kind readers!


keep up with good work and please continue to write more stories like these . Looking forward to them . :+1:t2:

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Me as the Character Meeting the general can after being living shit out of her soldier.* If you’re Men Anything like that again, I’m taking more than his teeth Maybe something more precious than anything he deserves …* Now I’ll give you the imagination of what I had in mind Thank you, Grandma, for being a Drill sergeant For imagination, be pretty much. Gave me the definition of what I had in mind may she rest in peace​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:*

Absolutely lovely! My oh my, lots of Ro’s and I only have a single heart~

It’s emotional, thrilling, suspenseful and beautifully written!

I can’t wait for more, thank you dear maker for this lovely gem!


Finally got to the newest update and this continues to be one of my favorite WIP games! Desma still has my whole heart but dang if I’m not also super charmed Nari, and Heka too tbh! I’m so excited as we’re getting more and more into the intrigue and plot and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update! Thanks for sharing your story with us, it’s wonderful and I’m having a great time!


This Game is amazing but I think there’s something wrong with the persuasion versus intimidation stat

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Oh yeah there is something wrong with almost all of the stats. The stats page is a hot mess, a train wreck, and my nemesis. I’m just being a bit dramatic, but I still need to update stat changes for certain choices and change the weights for them as well. I’m just putting it off for now. Thank you so much for reading and for letting me know though! :heart:

This right here is why I like scrolling the posts on your blog for HAT every once in a while.

I kinda want to see one of those collage style posts now that prove it. :joy:

Also gotta love that readers are catching on with realizing Heka’s mother was the one who tried being kind to MC in upper Cusmo’s market, then MC got to be kind years later by fixing up a plate of food for Heka. :smiling_face:
Even if MC never did get that poor discarded meat skewer.


i feel exactly how the mc felt when they let their new second family almost got killed. The feeling of failure must lingered on them since what happened in the past and getting repeated again kudos to the writer, can’t wait for the next action scenes


Amazing game. Played it so many times now and still enjoy it like the first time. Excited and patiently waiting to see where this goes :smiley:


Is the wip still active

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Helllo! I’ve been busy with work/family, plus I ran into an issue with my game files, but don’t worry! I’m still writing and working on this!


okay hope u are doing well

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