Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — Updated 1/25/2023

Noooo I was deeply reading the new update !!! XD It ended up so abruptly ! I’m eager to play the next update !


Ah such a cruel place to end the demo at! Been a while since I gave this story a look, but its good to see its still going. Still the only CYOA around here I can think of that has buxom as a choice, and even allows you to have a scarred female character.

The story has certainly evolved from my last playing, and meeting more of the characters has been quite interesting. It’s also nice to very clearly mark the romantic/flirty options. Been fun to do so with Desma, although there are some other lovely ladies on the list it seems… will have to see how those unfold, given Desma gets the lion’s share for now (and for good reason).

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I’m glad you still find it interesting and thank you for giving it a read! I’m looking forward to the story progressing and the other ROs getting their chance to shine, because Desma definitely has the childhood friend advantage of showing up sooner lol


Hi. I just read this and I’m loving the direction it’s heading to. A job well done. Thank you for the peak Fiction.


I read it now the 100th times lol and I always find it so wonderful, the characters, the humor, the adventure :smile: the Love interests are sweet and I never can say which of them I would prefer or like more (I flirt with all of them :joy:)
Now I need to read the update :grinning::heart:


Thank you and thank you @Queen_Zelda for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed what’s written so far! Y’all are too kind :heart:
As of the 25th there is a short update, but I’ve already noticed some bugs :rofl: