Honor Amongst Thieves (WIP) — UPDATED 1/10/2022

Loved it. Story has a very cosy vibe to it which I liked, seeing the chemistry between you and family, and later on with guild members. Those characters are portrayed quite well. MC customisation and the stats section turned out to be done well. So far, I came to like Desma, though I’d like a more detailed depiction of personalities and looks of each of ROs in the stats. All in all, a 10/10 IF work. Looking forward to updates.


Thank you so much for playing! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!


I’m glad you enjoyed it so far! I’m glad that the chemistry comes across and that it can feel cosy and homey! I’m glad you enjoyed the mc customization, and I’m relieved it didn’t feel tedious. Thank you for the feedback on including the ROs in the stats! The stat page definitely gives me some trouble, but I’ll make a note to include RO physical description on the stat page. It completely slipped my mind!


Really digging what you’ve got so far, Dear Author!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: Keep up the great work. I cant wait to be able to buy this, for real :blush::hugs::blush:


Ahh thank you so much for your kind words and support!! I can’t wait either, but I have to get it updated first lol!


Very true! Keep going!

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I am thoroughly enjoying this. It’s fantastic. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.