Hong Kong Blood Opera (WIP) OPEN BETA 206,000 words (added 6k to chapters 2 and 3 Sept 7th)



Hey, can I be a beta tester? I like it so far


@Takashi_Shin This project is going to be close to 300 thousand words when done. I am cdoing over a thousand words a day now. Did 4000 words on monday. The quality is going up too. I am much more organised now.

@poison_mara Don’t worry the next game isn’t about taking drugs. It will be available but not necessary.


@TheMercerVirus Yes. Closed Beta is a month away.


Good. So how do I go about it?


Usually, the author will announce if the beta is open and accepting testers. In this case, the author has not announced anything so please wait for their announcement here.


There is a link to a demo at the top of this thread. The Closed Beta will start next month. I will be advertising it. So stay tuned but you can play the game now and give feedback by posting it to this thread.


Maybe you should do a kunfu tournament to see who enters into the close beta lol.


I just passed 225,000 words on Hong Kong Blood Opera. I’ve not updated dashingdon in over a week though as I’m making major changes into the games flow. I think you’re going to be happy with the results.

@poison_mara I’ve taken a lot of your feedback to heart you’ll be glad to hear.


No problem, That’s why people participate in Beta testing I will replay again when you update the game. Take your time to get the changes done.


Did you implement the choice of pants with the leather jacker? In any case on my latest attempt I noticed my mc essentially stayed stuck in his casino disguise for a long time. Maybe bring up the dressing scene more as appropriate?

Thanks. It would also be nice to simply be able to change the mc’s clothes more often as appropriate for some scenes.


Thanks for pointing that out. Fortunately I have gotten much better at coding. There should be code for getting out of the disguise. Currently you stay in your disguise outfit permanently. I didn’t realise that until you pointed it out.